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How to Get in App Purchases for Free (Android)

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This guide teaches you how you can purchase paid in-app items for free within an Android. It’s possible to use a free app named Lucky Patcher todo so. Keep in mind that not all of the apps may be hacked in this manner, especially when they have been online-only apps (e.g., some apps with online multiplayer modes). Most features of Lucky Patcher require a rooted Android phone.

Part1: Preparing Your Android

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  1. Understand the limitations. While powerful, the app you’ll use to modify in-app purchases cannot be used in combination with 100 percent of those apps onto the Google Play Store. Additionally, getting in-app purchases for free is both against Google’s Terms of Service and illegal in most areas. Additionally, you can not hack in-app purchases for an online match, as doing this would require that you compromise the game online servers.
  2. Enable downloads from unknown sources. This option will allow one to download Lucky Patcher out of the website. Lucky Patcher is not available on the Google Play Store.
  3. Download the app you want to hack. Before you download and install Lucky Patcher in your own Android, be sure that the app that you can wish to unlock in-app purchases is in your own Android.
  4. Root your Android if necessary. If you’d like to use Lucky Patcher to gain complete control of your Android’s apps, you are going to have to root on your phone. While you’re able to use Lucky Patcher without rooting your own Android, doing this will severely limit the number of options you have for successfully hacking on your apps.

Part 2: Downloading and Installing Lucky Patcher

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  1. Open Google Chrome. Harness the Chrome app icon, which resembles a red, yellow, green blue world. This will definitely open Google Chrome.
  2. Visit the Lucky Patcher site. Input https://www.luckypatchers.com/download/ into the address bar on top of the screen to open up the Lucky Patcher download site.
  3. Scroll down and tap DOWNLOAD LUCKY PATCHER APK. You will find that green button near the bottom of the page. Doing this prompts Lucky Patcher to start downloading on your Android’s SD card or internal storage.
  4. At the time of May 2018, probably the most recent version of Lucky Patcher will be 7.2.9.
  5. You may have to confirm that decision before Chrome allows one to download the APK.
  6. Install Lucky Patcher. After Lucky Patcher finishes downloading, do the following:
    1. Open a file manager (e.g., ES File Explorer along with your own Android’s integral file manager).
    2. Select your Android’s default storage location (e.g., Internal).
    3. Harness the Download folder.
    4. Harness the LuckyPatchers.com ZIP folder (you may have to select ES Zip Viewer by your pop-up menu before proceeding).
    5. Tap the Lucky Patcher APK file.
    6. Scroll down and tap on INSTALL

Part 3: Using Lucky Patcher on a Rooted Android

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  1. Open Lucky Patcher. Harness OPEN when you’ve installed Lucky Patcher, or tap on the Lucky Patcher app icon that resembles a yellow smiley face.
  2. Update if prompted. If Lucky Patcher alerts you that we now have updated patches available for the apps, tap Update once the prompt appears, then allow Lucky Patcher to update. Once the update finishes, you’re able to move using hacking on your preferred games.
  3. Find an app with in-app purchases. Scroll down through the list of apps until you find the one that you wish to hack, then be sure it’s”InApp purchases found” recorded below its name.
  4. You cannot remove in-app purchases from the app that doesn’t have”In-App purchases found” below its name. When the app’s name is written in crimson or orange text, it’s most likely cannot be hacked.
  5. Select the app. Harness the app’s name to expand its own menu. You should visit a few options appear below the app’s name.
  6. Tap Menu of Patches. You will find this option within the expanded menu below the app’s name.
  7. Make paid purchases free. For some apps, you should observe a Support patch for InApp and LVL emulation option inside the expanded menu. If that’s the case, tap on this option and tap Apply to prevent in-app purchases from requiring payment.
  8. This option won’t is available for several apps.
  9. Install a custom patch. In case an custom patch is currently available for the app, you may well be able to remove things such as payment restrictions. Similarly, some custom patches add unlimited in-app tokens or currency into an app, that’ll allow one to”purchase” paid items without spending such a thing
    1. Harness Custom patch
    2. Check the box next to the patch you want to install.
    3. Harness Patch
    4. Harness Apply
    5. Harness Launch to Start utilizing your patched app.
    6. Install a multi-patch. Multi-patches allow one to install multiple standard patches at the same time, that’ll allow one to remove paid purchases and licensing at precisely the exact same period in case the app in question supports it
    7. Harness Multi-patch
    8. Check the box next to each of the patches you want to install.
    9. Harness Apply
  10. Remove license verification. In case you have the option of removing license verification, you may be able to use a paid version of an app for free:
    1. Select an app and tap on Menu of Patches
    2. Harness Remove License Verification
    3. Harness Auto Modes
    4. Harness Apply
    5. Follow any on-screen prompts.
  11. Download all custom patches for your apps. To download every available custom patch to your own Android’s games, tap ⋮ from the top-right corner of this screen, tap Download custom patches from the drop-down menu. Doing this will ensure that every app that features a custom patch that removes paid purchases gets got the patch installed. This may result in some specific apps becoming unstable, and also your Android may crash as a result of too many files downloading and installing.
  12. Open the app. Harness OPEN at the bottom of the screen, then wait for the app to load.
  13. Obtain a paid item for free. In case your patch worked, you should really be able to select an item and have it added to a list of items without having to pay off. You may briefly see a piece of text that says “Connecting to Google Play Store” or similar here.

Note: There are many other alternatives of Lucky Patcher app that you can download on your android phone like: Freedom app, Creehack, Leo Playcard etc. Out of all the given alternatives of lucky patcher app, Freedom app is the best in-app purchase hacking app. You can also download and install freedom apk on your iOS device and Windows PC using bluestacks emulator.

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