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How personal trainers can double their paycheques?

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Did you know that the recent surveys project that the average salary of a personal trainer is somewhere roughly between INR 15,000 to 20,000 in India? Well, if we look at this figure it isn’t that amazing, right? But still, this scenario is not that disheartening as it seems like when we look at the same first.

As most of the personal trainers out there don’t work for a longer number of hours in a week so their monthly income isn’t that impressive. Are you working as a personal trainer in a commercial gym and wondering what all ways you should adopt to increase your monthly income?

Through this post, we shall be putting our heads together to understand different ways that a personal trainer can use to improve their overall income.

Upgrade your skillset:

If you are presently working as a trainer in a commercial gym or any other health club, then we would say that doing base level certification course won’t help you in improving your monthly income. You need to upgrade your existing skill set simply by enrolling for the advanced level fitness courses in Delhi. There are many institutions that are offering different types of certification courses that can help you gain expertise in training people with special needs as in you can train people who have issues related to diabetes, osteoporosis, and arthritis. This way you will be able to increase your client base simply by catering to the needs of the clients who can’t be helped by trainers with a basic level of knowledge. Apart from this, you can even enroll in the sports nutrition course which is again a very demanding job role these days. So do think about the same and take the right action before it is too late.

Improve your selling skills:

You can improve your income graph provided you are able to increase your client base. Now, you must be thinking how will that be possible every time? Getting more customers in your kitty is only possible with effective sales and marketing tricks. You have to understand the mind-set up of the people of different age groups as well as their goals when it comes to fitness. Every person is different and you have made use of different marketing skills to leave a lasting impression on them.

Try to sell additional services with every transaction

Another best way to improve your earnings is by selling additional services with every transaction. Let us make things simpler for you. When you try to sell your training packages, just try to upsell some other services like giving them a proper meal plan, healthy recipes, supplements and vitamins and much more. However, you need to make sure you don’t come as too pushy to them or selling them too many things in one go. This way they will feel intimidated and won’t be buying anything.

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