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How Much Do Pawn Shops Offer for an iPhone?

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If you have an iPhone and are wondering what to do about or where you can sell it or where will you get the most money possible quickly, pawnshops in your area are a great place to sell or pawn your iPhone.

Like all things, the pawnshop is used to deal with a huge variety of merchandise and some consumer electronics like cell phones are really big deal right now. While the hottest and the most popular one is the iPhone which has always been trending among the youngsters.

iPhone has revolutionized the cell phone industry and pushed the standards forward for virtually every smartphone out on the market. However, you might have questions like ‘Will a pawn shop can really pay you the most of it?’ How do you know if they can? Is there anything else to consider before taking your used iPhone down to your local pawn shop to see what they would be willing to offer?

Consider the following in such scenarios:

What Model of iPhone is it?

The first thing that you need to consider before selling your iPhone to a pawnshop is what model it is. For example, if you own an iPhone 7 plus with rose gold trim then it will bring you good money and almost any pawn broker will look for an opportunity to work with you on either making a loan for it or selling it outright.

On the other hand, if you own an old iPhone like 3 or 3GS, you need to find that not every pawn broker will work within simply because of its age. No one would be looking to buy those older iPhones anymore which means that it would be hard for the pawnbroker to sell.

So the rule of thumb here is the newer, the better.

What Condition Is It In?

After you have determined that your iPhone is recent enough to be considered for a loan or to be sold. The next big factor to consider is to see what kind of physical condition your iPhone is in. If there is any evidence of water damage or something else, most pawn shops will instantly pass on the phone because they aren’t sure whether it will work as it should for the next owner or not.

Similarly, if the screen is all cracked or that surface of the phone has dents and heavy scratches then eventually it will affect the value of your iPhone.


The next thing that the pawnshop will do is check to make sure that your cell phone isn’t blacklisted and is able to be activated for service easily. So, if your phone has been blacklisted and can’t be activated then most pawn shop won’t buy it.


If you have got the original box, documents, USB cord, and wall outlet then you are on the right track because to get the most money for your used iPhone, you need to provide these things to the pawnshop.

iClould Lock

If you want to pawn your iPhone then the last thing that you need to do is switch off your iCloud lock. If it is currently under an iCloud lock then no pawnshop will provide you a loan or buy it at any cost.

That is because iCloud locks are just a nightmare to get around and will almost break any deal before it begins.

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