Here are the top 5 Upcoming IPOs of 2019

Every year the new entries count in the share market. IPOs are launched every year by a list of companies. There are companies performing already well in the market and they announce to become public by offering IPOs to the market. There were effective entries last year as well and there will be impactful entries this year too. With a good track record, as a company offers IPOs, the investor jumps at the same and huge money is raised from the platform. The companies that are already doing well and are planning to extend the business with the help of market capital, issue a part of their stock in the form of IPOs to the market. Like every other year, there are many players who have played well and fair in the last few years and already have earned repute for themselves. With the substantial success earned in the market, the names that have already become famous and identifiable are coming all the way to get enlisted this year in the stock exchange. The most predictable entries that will leave a mark on the investment scenario this year are the followings:

Uber can be a wild card entry

Ever since the service of Uber has started in the metro cities, the conception of riding a cab has changed drastically. From the luxury vehicle, during the time of its inception, it has almost become a necessity these days. The cab service in general gets identified with Uber just like the search engines has a common identity of Google. With its impeccable service and variety of option available in terms of requirement of the ride, Uber has outrun its contemporaries in every literal term. With a massive number of riders and a clean track record, it has catered to the employment requirement of many as well. Uber is the name that comes to your mind when in hurry or in an emergency. This substantiates the credibility it has gained over the last few years. With all these advantages and more, Uber seems to be all set to issue its Initial Public Offering sometime around this year that is 2019.

Another entry in the same domain could be Lyft

Another ride-hailing enterprise around the market corner is Lyft. Keeping up its pace with the growth of Uber, Lyft has managed to snatch 28% of the market share in the US whereas Uber enjoys 70% of the market. Though it has invested much of its strength in managing the competition of Uber, Lyft has scored well in terms of turnover in the last financial quarter. Though not a giant like Uber, Lyft would also be a great IPO to invest in with their futuristic and aggressive approaches streamlined with a competitive service line. The only glitch is if both the companies launch the IPOs around the same time, the investment potential of the market will be at jeopardy.

Palantir might make an entry to the market

A name, less known to the common pool of mass and much recognized by professionals is this Palantir. The mastermind behind the innovation of this brand is the co-founder of PayPal and an outside investor of facebook as well. The tools he used for fighting social odds like fraudulence, terrorism are data mining and analytics. Though it maintains its secrecy in its working, Palantir seems to be in a different mood of late and might come public with its Initial Public Offerings. With a revenue of $600 million last year, Palantir had a projection of $750 million next year. The growth potential of this company is doubtless and the investors will get a treat by investing in this brand. Being less dependent on the professional service, Palantir is sure to have a blast during its opening days.

Pinterest is sure to come with IPOs

After Facebook, social media got churned by Pinterest. Founded in 2009, it has provided the mass with a platform to showcase their creativity in different domains starting from art to cooking. It allows the users to put up catalogue content of their own and some run their business on it. Simple yet powerful, Pinterest is one of the most prominent e-commerce ad platform these days. With around 200 million monthly active users, Pinterest caters to the need of an active platform for promoting products and services to many. There is no doubt about the fact that Pinterest is surely one of the 5 most popular apps used by people. With great expectations from the market, the company is about to declare its IPOs somewhere around the middle of 2019.

Airbnb can be another entry in the market

Airbnb is a much familiar name in the world of tourism. It runs on the concept of personalized living through renting out spaces with the availability of breakfast. The term BnB stands for bed and breakfast. Ever since the entry of AirBnB accommodation in the tourism world, the trend has taken a turn from the orthodox hotel room concepts. Most people prefer staying in Airbnb rooms now instead of a conventional hotel. Much like its conception, Airbnb can adopt an unconventional route while launching their IPOs. They might not go for underwriters and instead, they can make the offers directly to the market which in turn will surely enhance the level of participation. Though all speculation, Airbnb is highly expected to become public within this year.

Your money needs the right direction to get allocated and IPOs are surely a great way to invest. However, the top 5 companies that are expected to appear in the market this year with their IPOs will be a great option for retail investors. The names enlisted above are all trustworthy and can be relied on blindfolded. If you are thinking of making some effective investment in the IPOs, these will be the options where your money will not get wasted. With a steady growth record and a promising performance, all these companies are sure to score high in the market once they become public.

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