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Holi 2018: 7 Tips To Take Care Of Your Hair During Holi

Here is that time of the year again. Holi talks of vibrant colours, of gulaal, of getting drenched in the different hues of the festival, of bhang, of the parties and of unending celebrations. But are you aware that the different toxins present in the Holi colours can lead to serious damage of the hairs and scalp?

Well, the colours are synthetic in nature. It is full of harsh metals, dangerous chemicals, impurities and other synthetic additives which lead to a number of side effects and causes allergies. In many cases it leads to tremendous hair fall, itchy scalp and a number of other complications in the said respect. Now you cannot possibly give the celebrations a miss to save your tresses from damage.

Rather soak in the festivities with the necessary precautions for here we get you enlisted the 7 tips to take care of your hair during Holi:

  • Opt For A Herbal Hair Colour: Being free from any kind of chemicals, you can choose to colour the tresses with the Herbal Hair Colour which provides for the necessary protection. Being made from certified organic components, the Herbal Hair Colour forms a protective layer on the hair shafts and it comes with other added benefits. In addition, you can add to your style statement with a Herbal Hair Colour this Holi.
  • Opt for The Oil Massage: It is best to go in for the oil massage an hour prior to the Holi celebrations. Massage your scalp and hairs with the coconut based oil that forms a protective shield around the shafts and prevents hair damage. Also this enables the colours to come off faster.
  • Choose The Lemon Treatment: In case you have sensitive scalp then add a few drops of lemon to the oil and massage your scalp before heading for the celebrations for this helps keep any kind of infections at bay. Post the celebrations, add a few drops of lemon to the shampoo to combat damage.
  • Wrap Up The Hairs In A Towel: For the better absorption of the oil by the scalp and the hairs, go in for the hot towel treatment. Soak the towel in hot water and wrap up the hairs with it for maximum benefits.
  • Cover The Hairs: Wear a colourful bandana or a funky cap to the Holi party for this will save your hairs as well as jazz up your Holi look for this year.
  • Shampoo As Soon As Possible: Post the celebrations immediately wash off the colours from the hairs with a mild shampoo and lukewarm water. Make sure to repeat the process twice at least to let the colours wash off thoroughly.
  • Post-celebration Care: Till the colours come out completely, choose to shampoo the tresses on a regular basis. Also choose to go in for the oiling therapies to ensure maximum benefits. Remember, the post celebration period demands a little more care in the respective context.

Here’s wishing happy times while grooving to the music of ‘Rang Barse’ this Holi.

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