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Has Your Marriage Become Dull? Here Are 5 Wonderful Benefits of Going on a Christian Marriage Retreat

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Marriage is a wonderful institution established by God for the purpose of bringing Him glory and also for the enjoyment of us as humans. Marriage is not always a bed of roses. Your marriage may have started off in the clouds, but at some point, things may have come tumbling back down to earth! All marriages need plenty of time and effort for them to be truly successful and blissful. One way to enrich and sustain the life in your marriage is to regularly attend Christian marriage retreats. It is not only the couples in troubled marriages who should go on retreats; even those in healthy marriages should endeavor to take their relationship to the next level, and therefore they should also attend.

Attending a Christian marriage retreat has the potential to transform any marriage. It is unfortunate that the divorce rate among Christians is 38%, according to statistics given on Quora. One way in which this percentage can be reduced greatly is by making it a priority to attend marriage retreats regularly.

Here are 5 amazing benefits of attending a Christian marriage retreat:

  • It enhances the lines of communication between you and your spouse. Good communication has been known to be a huge contributor towards having a successful marriage. The challenges and stresses of everyday living can create a quiet rift between you and your spouse and you may begin to communicate less and less as the years go by. Time alone together will allow you to fully focus on each other and give you both the opportunity to communicate honestly and openly.
  • You will have the opportunity to refocus on your relationship with God and grow closer to Him.

The closer you grow to God, the easier it will be to relate with those around you, especially your spouse. The retreat allows an excellent atmosphere for you to recommit your life to God and seek His perfect will for your life and your marriage.

  • During the retreat, you will have interactions with other couples who may have had challenges similar to yours and have since overcome them. This will be an excellent opportunity to grow and learn from each other’s experiences and successes. You will be encouraged to keep working at making your marriage successful.
  • Your intimacy will be restored. Most marriages begin to neglect the area of intimacy, especially with the arrival of children. Most days become extremely busy trying to juggle between work, attending to the children, shopping, and many other activities. Unfortunately, intimacy with each other is sometimes totally discarded. Time alone with your spouse will bring you back to making this one of your priorities.
  • This will be an excellent opportunity to get to know your spouse all over again. You will be able to listen to what is really in their heart and understand their plans and desires. You can actually plan together for your life as a couple during this time as you listen to each other’s dreams and aspirations.
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