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Hair Coloring at Home

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Any girl wants to look beautiful. Some prefer to turn to professional artists, others carry out hair dyeing procedures at home on their own. In order not to spoil your hair when dyeing at home, you need to follow certain requirements:

  • if you did a perm, wait with dyeing for at least two or three weeks, otherwise damage to the hair may become irreversible, and curls will just have to be clipped;
  • Do not perform the procedure if there are wounds on the head or even just minor abrasions;
  • never add balms or oils to the diluted paint at your discretion;
  • diluted paint can be used only once; it can not be stored even a day.

Paint recommendations

Before you start painting, you need to decide on the paint. All funds are divided into natural (henna and basma), physical (unstable) and chemical (containing ammonia and peroxide).

For self-use the most popular non-professional chemical compounds.

When you buy coloring agents in a specialized shop, you separately buy a tube directly with paint, separately – an oxidizer, gloves, and caring agents. In the package with non-professional paint already has everything you need. There are also recommendations for choosing the final tone.

Hair dyeing yourself can be safe if you intend to change the color to only a few tones in one direction or another. But the experiments on the transition of a burning brunette into a natural blonde, most likely, will end sadly. Few people (if he is not a professional, of course, he can correctly wash the color himself). It is also better not to start with complex procedures such as coloring or shatush. Read also about the hair straightening at home naturally.

Preparation for staining

For proper staining, you need to prepare in advance:

  • Hair dye. Note that for long hair you will need two bottles.
  • Peignoir, so as not to stain clothes. In extreme cases, an unnecessary, old T-shirt will do.
  • Comb and brush for application – non-metallic. You can do one comb, but with a brush much more convenient.
  • Mixing tank. Also non-metallic. A glass or plastic bowl will do.
  • Clips or hairpins without metal parts.
  • Gloves to protect your hands. You can use those that are bundled, and you can buy separately at the pharmacy. They are denser and therefore more comfortable and durable.
  • Face cream, as fat as possible. This item is not mandatory, but it will be more convenient with the cream;

How to do hair coloring at home

Each manufacturer recommends a sensitivity test prior to staining. In practice, few people do it, but if you anticipate skin problems or possible allergic reactions in advance, do not be lazy, do a test. To do this, mix a little paint and oxidant and apply on the skin on the wrist. If there is no reaction within 15 minutes, you can calmly paint.

Following the instructions, mix the paint and oxidizer. Then go directly to the staining. Experts recommend to divide the hair into four parts in two partings. Each part must be fixed with a barrette or clip.

First you need to put the ink mixture on the partings, then paint over the roots on the back of the head. After the roots, the paint is applied to the remaining strands. Do not start staining with temples and crown. There the hair is thinner , and therefore sneak faster, and the color will be uneven. Do not wrap hair or hold it longer than specified by the manufacturer. When applying the paint, the hair flakes open and the pigment begins to absorb. At the end of the process, the scales are closed, and the hair remains intact, as far as possible with this procedure.

Rinse the paint to clean water. You can wash your hair with shampoo and apply care products. After dyeing, it is better to dry the hair naturally. Check also apple cider vinegar for face wrinkles.

Care for dyed hair

Any hair requires care, and dyed – all the more. Even if you use a light paint, your hair will still be damaged. What to do? Experts recommend the use of special shampoos and conditioners with color protection. Once every two weeks to do a regenerating mask. When using a hair dryer, ironing or curling, pre-apply thermal protection.

Features staining Basma or henna

Henna is produced from the leaves of Lawson. It is used for drawings on the skin and hair color change. After henna, the hair gets bright copper shade and shine.

Basma is also made from leaves, only indigo plant is used. It gives the hair a dark shade down to black.

Hair dyeing with natural dyes at home is slightly different from dyeing using chemical dyes. The coloring powder is poured tolerably with hot water, then stirred until uniform. Capacity, comb and brush should be non-metallic. The mixture will eventually look like thick sour cream. Allowed to add hair oil. After application, it is recommended to wear a hat or wrap a head with a towel. Withstand staining will have a few hours. The longer, the richer the shade.

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