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Graphic designing for effective results

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If you have always been unhappy about the way your visual communication is done, then this may be because of the communication between you and your graphic designer. It is extremely important to brief your designer about what exactly are you looking at. Believe me your graphic designer is going to thank you and you will also get the desired results.

It won’t just help your designer but will also get you your thoughts in order as to how and what all needs to be done. There are couple of creative designing firms in Delhi/ NCR from whom one could easily seek assistance on the kind of brand impression they would like to have. Before we tell you what all needs to be conveyed from your end to the designer, it is important to know what exactly a design brief is and how can you make the most out of your budget.


A design brief is a blue print document which is usually given by the client to its graphic designer detailing what all is required and how is the end product supposed to look. It acts as a crucial document to the graphic designers as they get clearer of lines they have to work on. The quality of your product or outcome relies on the hinges of the design brief.


  • A clear objective. What is that one thing you want to convey through the design.
  • Brief your designer about your company/brand/yourself. It will help him put together some context.
  • Your Budget. It is important to clearly convey the budget you have kept for the project. If you’re not very sure of it, then ask the designer for his/her assistance. Also, there are set of revisions that are made to the budget, keep that in mind.
  • Target Audience. Who are you aiming at? Also, aim for a fundamental outcome by describing examples and painting pictures with words.
  • Tone of Voice. If your design were a person, what aura would you have liked in it? Upbeat, relaxing, friendly?
  • Share your Competitors. Let your designer know who your competitors are. It will help him/her design the project in a better and spoonful way.
  • Your designer should know when he/she needs to deliver it. Be decent here, we know rush-hour technique works in the industry, but giving desginers a decent time frame would help them deliver better results.


After you have briefed your designer with all the above mentioned things and he has shared with you the first draft of it, give him feedback. Graphic designing companies say, it is fine to have not liked the design draft, but more importantly explain them what they don’t like about it. Having personal preferences is fine, but you need to explain more than ‘I don’t like it’. Explain why and give reasoning.

Graphic design should envision in your head and heart. Communicating is the key for sorted and more achievable creative designs you aim for. That is why no graphic designers in today’s scenario work without a proper design brief. After all, your design promotes a strong brand to its target audience. Hence, the graphic design becomes extremely crucial to your business’s vision, mission and objectives.

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