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Gearbox overhauling or re-manufactured transmission – why you can bet on the latter

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Gearbox malfunction can happen for many reasons, but poor-quality transmission fluid or insufficient fluid volume is the most common causes. The transmission fluid is critically important for the transmission system and any changes to its characteristics can impair the functioning of the system. Even if the gearbox has enough quantity of transmission fluid, it would still require periodical replacement because there is build-up in the fluid over some time that renders it ineffective. If the transmission fluid is incapable of providing lubrication and does not keep the system cool, it will result in malfunctioning of the system and can even damage it. Therefore, following the recommended maintenance chart for changing transmission fluid periodically is very important. Failing to stick to the schedule can turn very costly as it will impact the lives of the gearbox.

When you feel that the gears are not performing satisfactorily and the synchronization between the vehicle speed and transmission system is not up to the mark, conduct a quick check of the gearbox. If you find that the problem persists despite having the right quantity of transmission fluid in the gearbox, then the gears might have worn out and did not function effectively. When gears wear out, you must consult the experts at a Geared Up STL transmission repair shop who might suggest going for a re-manufactured gearbox.

Re-manufactured transmission

An old gearbox that has undergone repairs and overhauled to make it work efficiently again is what we call re-manufactured transmission. You can buy re-manufactured transmissions from workshops that specialize in manufacturing these units with the help of machines and testing equipment. They follow a standard operating procedure that ensures quality repair of the units that function as good as new.

The procedure

The technician will first asses the condition of the old gearbox to determine the damage that has happened to the gears. They would first dismantle the gearbox and inspect the gears and shafts to gauge the extent of wear and tear that it has undergone. After identifying the worn-out metal components they determine whether machining would be good, or it needs replacement. However, gaskets, bands, clutches, snap rings and bearings need replacement. If any engineering defects are identified the technician would arrange for a technical update. After the unit is ready, the technician will conduct a test by using a transmission dynamometer to check satisfactory performance before delivery.

The replacements come with warranties that ensure free labor in case anything goes wrong. However, getting a re-manufactured transmission takes some time because some parts have a long delivery time and you must be ready to bear with it.

Refurbished gearboxes that come from a third-party supplier seems more reliable, but re-manufactured transmissions are no less reliable in performance. If you locate the right workshop equipped with the right equipment and having trained and qualified technicians to handle the job, then rest assured that you will get a transmission system that is comparable with the best and it comes with warranties too.

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