Unlocking the biggest question that we have in India. Is betting or lottery legal in India? Here we have the answers to all your questions.

Are lotteries in any way associated with gambling?

The answer to this question can only be answered by understanding the laws mentioned in the Indian Constitution about gambling laws.

The Gambling Laws of India

There is a constitutional act of the Indian Constitution by the name of The Public Gambling Act, 1867. Under the central legislation, this gambling act explicitly prohibits gambling of any sorts.

But wait, there is a Seventh Schedule written in the List II of Entry 34 which provides exceptions for the lotteries and other skill related games.

The State governments have been provided with the authority of regulating the lotteries in their respective states. The State Governments which have legalized lotteries can run their self-functioning lotteries and can also give permissions to the private parties to organize the lotteries at their level.

The gambling, betting, and, the casino businesses are currently legal only in the State of Goa, Sikkim, and in the UT Daman.
What is the current status of such laws?

The private parties and the state governments have been in a constant debate on the law related issues. The Law Commission of India has recommended the legalization of gambling and sports betting. Various state governments have shown a keen interest in lottery regulation since the very past and are now wishing to take it to another level altogether.

The Government of Punjab publicly declared that they are considering the possibilities of beginning the sale of online lottery tickets. Their goal is to generate a minimum of 150 crores of revenue through online lottery tickets. The Sikkim Government has already authorized online lotteries.

If the Punjab government decides to go through with what has been proposed by them, then it can be a game-changing initiative for the Indian lottery scene. However, there will have to be some changes or amendments made in the state laws.
There are some tax related issues as well which are currently being looked upon by the honorable GST Council. A special Group of Ministers (GoM) committee has been appointed by the GST Council to put forth their views on such issues of lottery taxes.

What can be expected in the future for lotteries?
Whatever is happening in the current scenario does give hope for the future of lotteries. The offline lotteries have enjoyed their long run in the 13 legal states, but there are chances that online lotteries can drive the momentum. Indian citizens would likely enjoy online lottery contests because they are far more entertaining as compared to the offline ones.

However, there are initiatives required by both the private establishments and the state governments to prioritize the effective online lottery regulation.

How Can You Play?

You can play international online lotteries in India on sites such as Lottoland which are coming to India soon. International sites offer some of the biggest lottery prizes, and if you win the lotto, you could start living life king size!

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