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Flexible WordPress Instagram Themes To Watch Out For

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With the wide collection of the most flexible and WordPress Instagram themes available in the market, it will rather turn out to be too easy to integrate Instagram into the website. All these themes are likely to offer you with the perfect solution for some stunning Insta Profiles. Whether you are planning to run a personal lifestyle blog or successful restaurant business, it should never be a question if you need to be part of the Instagram community. In case you are not associated with this field, you have to create an account instantly.

Moreover, you don’t have to be a restaurant owner or blogger to get benefitted from Instagram. If the steps are executed properly, every firm or brand can take IG to their advantage. Using some of the IG ready WordPress themes will help you display content flawlessly. It is going to be a perfect blend with site’s layout by using some of the added premium features. Give your readers the golden chance to see your level of creativity and check out more about the personality you hold.

Brixton Blog:

Every blogger holds a different approach to storytelling. First of all, you need a flexible and responsive WP blog, with the primary focus on your content. A minimal and clean look is the best option to go with. You don’t have to add excess features and animations. Always try to keep it minimal and users will come back for more. Brixton Blog is one of the major WP blog themes, which will fulfill minimalistic blogging requests. It will have an original look to it, and with a straightforward and basic field.

Apart from the super features already mentioned, the Brixton Blog is compatible with Instagram. It is associated with the widget, used to sticking your IG feed to the website. The theme needs to be in tune with other social media sessions like Twitter and Facebook. A separate widget is available for all.


Whenever you are eyeing for the best WordPress Instagram theme, you cannot complete the list without adding Redwood. It is a noted popular theme, as used by developers from https://gramblast.com/ quite a lot. It is a popular theme among bloggers and only for them. But, Redwood is made to adapt to multiple industries as well. You can use this kind of theme for food, lifestyle, DIY and for any other hobbies.

  • To help you out with promotion, Instagram is set to provide you with some ways. This platform helps you to get on the personal level with an audience and try establishing a friendly relationship.
  • To get benefit from Instagram, you might have to introduce it to an online site and share the feed with more fans. For that, the responsive Redwood theme is down to help.
  • Redwood comes with customized IG widget plugin. You can set features to your photos in the sidebar or in the footer with full-width feed.
  • You get the chance to not just entertain readers with the theme, but can also grow IG profile by blending it into web design.


With the help of BuzzBlog theme, you don’t have to work extra other than clicking on the mouse to launch your first blog. With the pre-defined materials and functions, you can first play around with possibilities for that ultimate design. For any extra information, there are over sixty index pages with 5 readily usable headers and 12 layouts for blogs.

  • However, the most prominent aspect of BuzzBlog is the full width of the Instagram feed. It is very straightforward and comes with an amazing hover effect for providing added information about each one of the images.
  • It will work on every aspect of your photo, like comments, hashtags, descriptions, like and the person or people tagged in a picture.
  • Whenever you are going to use on IG platform, this feed will be able to display that for you. Thanks to this widget, you can display all latest photos and posts, as published on growing IG account.
  • All the services mentioned above will take place automatically and have nothing to do manually.

By selecting BuzzBlog, you will have complete control over the WP Blog theme design. You can also create an individualized style from WP admin without any knowledge on design or coding. You now get the opportunity to be working as a full-time blogger, developer, and designer, all at the same time.


Authentic is more like a magazine and blog styled WordPress theme, designed mostly for Instagram enthusiasts. If this is your first try ever with this theme, you will be pleasantly surprised by the number of options it has in store. There are pre-built material and more to come.

  • Defined mostly as one of the top performing themes, Authentic comes with social media buttons and some customized widgets for top social media sections like Facebook, Twitter and more.
  • The recent IG images will appear with the comments and number of likes you got. Visitors will not just get to see the great visuals but will know how popular this image sharing platform is going to be.
  • On the other hand, if visitors like what they see, there is a great chance that you might start following your Instagram account more for the pictures and other entertaining materials.

You can easily make your content go viral within days by using this theme. You can further customize it entirely to get its full potential to work.


Carrie is mainly described as a responsive WP theme, ideal for matching your needs and requirements based on online appearance. Moreover, it is well compatible with IG Cool iPhone Features. It is a perfect place to visit on your smartphone when you are bored and want to kill time. Not just bloggers, but even the business owners love to spy on people using multiple hashtags. All these services are meant for research purposes.

So, the next time you are planning for the ultimate WordPress Instagram themes, try checking out any one of the following options. You will be surprised with so many variations in the market. You will find them once you start researching.

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