The art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books is known as Graphic design. Graphic Design world is ever evolving and we see trends fade away in months and others stay there for years. As we go forward, we research and uncover some future graphic design trends by speaking to our designers who work with innovative tech, processes, and materials. Let’s draw some conclusions to help you stay in radar with upcoming graphic design trends.


In attempt to create clean and controlled design scheme, may graphic designers used safe, muted and easy to digest color scheme. Now that we have seen almost every company or brand follow the neutral scheme, it has lost its power and this year you may see a shift from neutral to bold and brighter color palettes. Following the trend, we are expecting a lot of bright, vibrant and bold colors but that doesn’t mean that every company should have a color revolution. Infusing traditional neutral backgrounds with bright colors, companies can give a fresh new look to their brand without straying way too far.  Biggest example here could be the redesign of Instagram logo from last year.


Another trend that is followed enormously these days is color transitions. This trend is seen almost everywhere, from logos to picture overlays. Many big brands decided to change their company logos and images from flat color to multi-colored transitions, and we are expecting to see more companies adopting the trend, both for print and web design.


Flat designs were welcomed and added to the graphic design about a year back which helped to simplify the visuals and improve experience of the user. The trend has been here for a while and it’s surely not fading away anytime soon. We’re expecting a return to the natural, therefore, expecting to see more patterns inspired by nature like marble, precious stones and plants. Patterns are contrasted with simple typography that would also bring a crafts and vibe to printed media. For packaging and brand design bringing the best qualities of designs and patterns together will create vibrant and colorful products which would feel both contemporary and artistic. The pattern is not just about multiple colors or symmetry; it is about bringing some more visual to graphics that use organic line pattern.


An interesting fusion of old and new, modern retro has been there for a while now.  Adding a modern flare to retro designs, typefaces and color palettes; the key in this trend is both authenticity as well as simplifying which modernizes any particular element that stood out any time from the past. The popularity of modern-retro designs is rising and finding its own way on logo designs, print layout, web and packaging design.


This trend is pretty much a staple as the mix of bold photography and sleek text communicates a clear message without boring the audience.  “Bold and sleek” works very well for people who wish to get information straight to the point. Photography and text happen to work together creating a great contrast and brilliant borders, streaming class and excitement.

This combination works great for display ads, social media promotions, and graphics as a small amount of information is conveyed easily.

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