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Few Common And Uncommon Tips And FAQs About Bike Tour You Should Know

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Before you start pedaling your bike and start your tour there are a few FAQs that you should know. There are many people who are smitten with the bike tour but do not know how to start and go about it. As a result, they end up having a bike tour that they try to forget soon.

If you want to save yourself from troubles and obligations on the road you must be immaculate with your plans and follow a specific strategy. Right from the itinerary to packing your things, from making arrangements for accommodation to food, you must have everything on paper.

If you consult with experienced riders you will know how much joy this humble and simple mode of transportation can give, provided you have a strategic plan to go ahead with it. To a newcomer to this highly enjoyable world of possibilities, it will soon turn to be bewildering if they do not know the right answers to the common questions to demystify biking.

Who travels by bike

Bike travels is a very broad and wide spectrum. There are several different ways in which you can do it.

  • You can go on a bike tour NYCindividually or arrange a trip with your friends.
  • You can even tie up with a commercial tour operator to reduce hassles in organizing and focus more on the enjoyment quotient.
  • People from all walks of life and of all ages and regions of this world can take it up.

There are several different reasons to take up biking or arrange for a bike tour such as:

  • It is exciting and a challenge
  • It allows you to explore new people, culture and landscapes
  • It promotes physical activity and enhances the fitness level in your body

The most important reason for biking to be so popular is that you do not require being a super-athlete if you want to enjoy cycling. You will simply need a couple of hours of training before you start on with your journey and be realistic enough to create easy and achievable goals.

Work according to your strength

Work according to your strengths and do not overexert yourself so that you miss out on the joy of riding a bike. Make sure that you train on the same daily distances you plan to cover during your tour carrying the same gear that you need to travel with.

The most specific sign that you are ready for the tour is when you see that you can go back to back day rides of equal distance with no fatigue and feel good and strong enough to ride the same distance on the third day of your training.

Always talk to a professional or a regular biker to know about the right ways to get in shape for long distance bike tour NYC.

The distance you can ride in a day will depend on several factors such as your overall physical as well as mental fitness levels, your personal goals, the climate and terrain you want to travel to and the style of your touring.

Distance to travel

For an average person who is relatively fit having a bit of bike-specific training can travel 65 miles per day carrying more or less 20 pounds of additional gear on the bike. This distance will be covered at an average pace with no on-road hassles. This will allow you to stop for rests and food and also stop by to smell plenty of roses.

On the other hand, if the weight of your gear is between 20 and 45 pounds and you travel at an average pace then you should plan to cover not more than 55 miles per day.

However, all these distances are on flat terrain. Mountainous and difficult terrains will automatically reduce your distance traversed per day and sometimes it might be reduced by half depending on the ruggedness and difficulty level of the terrain.

If you are no experienced in bike tours you must stick to these distance limits and not push further. If you do so, you will increase your physical challenges, chance of fatigue and injuries and most importantly reduce the level of enjoyment in biking.

Plan to take rest

Make your travel plan precisely and take help of experts in this regards. There are a few useful tips to follow such as:

  • Start riding early in the morning to cover more distance when your leg muscles are fresh and the temperature is comfortable. You will also have less traffic enabling you to cover more distance.
  • As the time of the day passes and the sun gets high above your head reduce the speed. Do not worry about the distance traveled as you will already be ahead of your schedule if you start early.
  • Never carry more than 45 pounds of weight with you while biking, fewer the better. This will help you to travel at a comparatively high speed on an average.

Always plan your trip in such a way so that there is a rest day after every ten days, if not less. This will also help you to avoid unexpected challenges and make the most of the good opportunities.

Choosing your bike and place

A lot will depend on your experience and level of training as to what kind of bike you will choose and the place you want to explore. There may be bikes that are specifically designed for such tours and there may be some quality bicycles that you can customize for such trips even. Choose a bike depending on the factors such as its durability, low gears, weight, and a comfortable saddle. Also check its ability to support racks and fenders, the width and brand of the tires as well.

Similarly, when you choose a place to explore, look beyond the obvious factors that include scenery, personal interest, and history. You must also look for road conditions, traffic, and climatic conditions at the time of travel, the biking routes, safe bike trails, and other factors.

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