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Famous Artificial Intelligence Applications that are currently used

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Artificial intelligence has dramatically changed the business landscape with the advance AI solutions. As Artificial intelligence is on demand, its solutions are being developed in every part of the world. The origin of AI development was to understand the human-like capabilities which made artificial intelligence unique. But with time AI has become an imperial part of the business research and development.

More and more AI solutions that strike mainstream trends are appearing are more understanding and thus really inspiring. Advanced AI solutions offer better speed and reliability at a much lower cost as compared to its human equivalents.

Artificial intelligence applications and platforms offer AI solutions in robotics, healthcare, business and for everyday life.


SIRI is one of the most famous artificial intelligence applications and one of the best examples of speech recognition software available today. It is mainly for Apple users using an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch and AppleTV. It is a personal assistant that assists the user after the integration with Al the Applications in the user device. Therefore, using user’s information which includes the habits and the daily preferences Siri can understand the commands and requests very easily.


Amazon’s is considered as the big fish in the field of the online e-commerce. It is using artificial intelligence for a long time now. AI is helping the company to understand the user’s liking and disliking and suggest accordingly.  This is the reason it is one of the largest e-commerce players. The integration of the AI helps it to engage the user and always hook the mass amount of the users. After extensive usability of the AI, it is assisting the company to accelerate sales massively with the predictions and suggestions. As times goes by the grip of Amazon in the market is taking the strength. It is also helping users to experience better engagement which is more convenient, sophisticated, accurate and useful than earlier.


Google Now

One of the oldest and updated search engine Google have, it is own personal assistant Google Now. Google from starting is there to serve and assist the user. With time it is considered more than a search engine. With its enormous Applications Gmail, Google Maps, Search, YouTube, etc., in play store Google came up with its own personal assistant that collects data from the various different Google services. As a personal assistant, it derives useful information it considers could be beneficial to users.




The new entertainment platform which is known to be the most popular content-on-demand service. This is the new generation largest movie and the television show company of its kind that has created a buzz in the industry. The credit goes to AI as it can suggest movies, TV shows and documentaries similar to those you have watched and liked in the past. This is helping the Netflix to gets smarter as much as a user get engaged. The best of it is that Apart from the suggesting users it also considers other aspects as well, like the time of day and what day it is, so it can suggest users better content based watching habits.


This social media platform is the root of the evolution of the new era where the whole world seems small. The working of Facebook is based on the user’s preferences and to add attractive and relevant content to your News Feed. Due to AI, this makes users updated and connected to its own social world. It is dependent on the user’s behavior and engagement within the social media platform, making sense of your interactions worthier.




It is one of the most well-known music platforms among all in the industry. The reason behind its buzz is due to the integration of the AI which helps them to get the suggestion and trending music all around the globe. It acts as if the app is working for the individual user. The suggestion and the preference shared by the app is inspiring up the way we listen to music on a daily basis. AI helps the users by creating daily playlists or mixes, based on what you’ve been listening lately. This app is becoming an example for other apps in the industry. AI makes this app incomparable up till now, this is the reason users are addicted to Spotify.

Bottom line

AI is making users nearer to what they really want without an effort. Artificial intelligence helps us a lot if we use it to our advantage and allow AI to a part in our daily activity. AI is here to aid us so start enjoying the benefits of AI.

Author Bio: Collen Jansen is a digital marketing specialist at Quytech, A Leading Mobile app, AR/VR, Computer Vision and AI Development Company.  As a marketing expert in the IT solution company, she loves to write about latest app development trends and technology.

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