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FableStreet commits to build the ‘Designer Work-Wear’ Category in India

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New Delhi, 5th October, 2018: On their second anniversary, FableStreet.com, a revolutionary R&D backed premium work wear brand, unveiled their Designer Workwear collection “ZAHA” by Nandita Basu. highlighting their commitment to building this segment in the Indian subcontinent.

Commenting on this anticipated launch, Ayushi Gudwani, Founder and CEO of FableStreet said, “We have grown and scaled 10 times, over the past two years and we are now looking to build ‘Designer Workwear’ as a new category in the Indian apparel industry. Over time, our customer base of professional working women has expanded and become more experimental. However, they continue to put their faith in us and our promise of providing functional, high quality and stylish work wear. So, building the designer work-wear category in partnership with Nandita Basu, a known name in the fashion industry, is our way of giving our loyal consumers a chance to explore future forward work-wear.”

She further added, “In our experience, we have observed that working women aspire to incorporate runway fashion to their everyday wear; however, are usually unable to do so because of high prices by luxury designers and concerns over fits for various body shapes. With this collection (ZAHA) and our ability to offer tailored fits, we are hopeful that it encourages more women of all shapes and sizes to embrace their beauty and celebrate their imperfections and edginess even in the work-place”

Harmeet Bajaj, an investor with FableStreet and a veteran in the Fashion Industry, also commented, “I have personally been a part of FableStreet’s design and customer research process; and it has been exciting to see how the brand has married luxury and quality of the designer fashion world with style sensibility of professional corporate women, while ensuring it is budget friendly.”

Talking about her second partnership with the brand, designer Nandita Basu said, “It is always great to work with FableStreet. The previous collection was an experiment in designer workwear and was a huge success” offering a play on Indian fabrics with contemporary styles. I now have a more in-depth understanding of the brand’s audience and thus, this time around we have been more experimental with designs and have also conceptualised an exclusive FableStreet print inspired by the architecture of Zaha Hadid.

The exclusive unveiling took place at Monkey Bar in Delhi, where FableStreet and Nandita Basu hosted a Masterclass on styling among known faces in the corporate and start-up world, including FableStreet’s early adopters. The event was also attended by inspirational women like Radhika Agarwal, Co-founder ShopClues; Malika Sadani, CEO, The Mom’s Co. and many more.

In just two years of its operations, FableStreet has built a strong followership within India, and globally. FS is known for their intelligent, minimal designs and unique tailored fit sizing algorithm. The launch of this Designer Edit is an inspiration from surrealist architect and edgy structure, made for women looking to curate their wardrobe with quality, timeless and well fit work-wear.

Inspired by the works of renowned architect Zaha Hadid, the collection ZAHA, imbibes her signature style and beautifully transitions it into garments that truly represent the edgy modern working woman. Unlocking the gateway to celebrating a world of asymmetric designs, visual aesthetics and complex geometric angles, this collection personifies one’s futuristic outlook to the work-wear arena.
For more information, visit: https://www.fablestreet.com/

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