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Everest Or Annapurna Base Camp Trek

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Presently you have chosen to go for a trekking in Nepal, the Land of Himalayas, isn’t that so? Check. You need to set out on a groundbreaking trek in the mountains. Check. You need to investigate the common landscape, top notch foods, valid ways of life and rich societies. Check. It is safe to say that you are going for Annapurna Base Camp Trek or for Everest Base Camp Trek? Blunder: answer not found?

Stress not dear trekkers! We are here to help you. One thing you have to recall is that regardless of which trek you pick, you should have an ordeal more than ever and you will be left aching for another trek in the region of Himalayas.

We should discover which trekking goal is matches your need!

Simplicity in arriving

For achieving the Everest district this may be the definitive inquiry whose answer may choose your trek. In the event that littler airplane terminals and flying machines aren’t some tea, the flight to Lukla might be extreme for you. Be that as it may, it ain’t as unnerving as it sounds; the view is recently staggering and unimaginable mountains welcome you… In 1950sTenizng and Hillary needed to stroll by foot to achieve Everest area, you have flights to travel. You simply petition God for reasonable climate.

Achieving Annapurna is somewhat simpler. No little airplane terminals, in addition to you have great street transportation for achieving the beginning stage of the trek, the city of Pokhara. So you can either a short and grand flight or a glorious drive to the portal of Annapurna.

Trekking Terrain

On the off chance that you discuss trekking landscape, trekking to Everest base camp is more strenuous and troublesome than Annapurna base camp. In the event that you request a reason, the essential reason is elevation. For instance, you find that you reach to the height of around 3400 meters in the second day of the trek in your trek to Everest base camp while to achieve a similar elevation you trek for around couple of days more. Trekking in higher height endeavors because of thin thickness of air and accordingly less oxygen.

In trekking for the Annapurna base camp you should begin from lovely lower height when contrasted with Everest locale. Be that as it may, despite everything you need to experience really strenuous landscape amid your trek. An extra favorable position is that you for the most part begin at one place and end at somewhere else giving you differences of landscape and territory.


In the event that you are trekking in Nepal for the Himalayas which are the greatest and the most out of control you are impeccably fit for trekking into the Everest locale. In this high height trek, you have the perspective of most breathtaking landscape of mountains. Trek to Kalapatthar and Gokyo area has the grand Himalayas encompassing you from every one of the sides.

In spite of the fact that you can have the perspective of high Himalayas in Annapurna locale trek, the view is more unique in relation to Everest district. Beginning with the rich slopes and terraced fields, you should be step by step going after the Himalayas through the rhododendron backwoods. With the Himalayas as consistent background of your trek, you have greater assorted qualities to see.

Extra Factors (Cultures, people group, cost and sustenance)

We should first discuss the Everest Region. Everest locale is ruled by the incredible Sherpa people group who take after Buddhism as their religion. The trail has religious communities, supplication haggles decorated with petition haggles banners emanating an otherworldly vibe. Concerning cost Everest area is bit more costly than Annapurna locale. In both the locales, the nourishment accessible isn’t very different, however you are probably going to get more vegetables on the Annapurna trek.

Trekking to the Annapurna locale takes you through more assorted groups and societies. Loads of rustic settlements are crossed through that keep up the appeal of realness since long. You can have the hints of Hinduism and in addition Buddhism in this trail. From Gurung and Magar people group to the Brahmin and Chhetris, you have an unexpected vibe in comparison to in the Everest locale. In this way, in the event that you are searching for neighborhood social flavor in the trek, you ought to likely go for Annapurna area.

In this way, here you are! We trust that this dialog of our own has settled on your decision between two of the most prominent trekking goals in Nepal. Saying that the pattern has it that trekkers by and large wind up going for another goal too on the grounds that Nepal is one of the nations where you can’t go for the trek just once.

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