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Escape Rooms Scheduling Software

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There’s no denial in the fact that escape rooms have taken over a unique place when it comes to fun and entertainment. Nowadays, people are preferring to spend time polishing their wits and put their brains into work rather than comforting themselves reading a book or resting up. The lightning growth in the escape rooms has no wonder dropped in more demand for building it. All of a sudden it has become a blossoming business especially for teenagers.

With thousands of creative ideas on your mind and a team that’s backing up with you, I’m afraid it is not enough to create a successful escape room. You ought to do a lot of major homework like planning an appropriate plot, finding the right location, best production values and then draw the attention of customers.

Apart from executing all your plans and set up for your escape rooms, you face real-time challenges when it comes to bookings and organizing things. Often, flooding your desk with papers containing lots of details regarding your customers, communicating with your team through baffled phone calls and emails is an unpleasant idea for your business. Well, on an interesting note, let’s put an end to all such perplexes. We’ve got an amazing one-stop solution, a service management software called Picktime.

Picktime is free escape room booking software that’s absolutely simple, user-friendly, and a perfect fix for your escape rooms scheduling issues. Let your customer choose any room plugin that you provide on your booking page, you can also easily add the limit for any room that you’ve planned, also provide cool descriptions regarding any room and attract as many customers to hop into it.

Perks of using Picktime Software

1. Scheduling made simpler-

 Bookings can get as simple as they could through Picktime. Once you sign up and update about your escape rooms details, sync any of your personal calendar( Google/ Outlook) and change the availability accordingly, once the room gets filled up the bookings are automatically closed. Make it easy for your customers to book a room whether it’s a private one or a group booking, let them handle it themselves. There’s absolutely no need for you to put all your efforts into bookings.

2.Time Saver-

 Once you set up your escape room or guest room you may not find enough to make manage your staff and customers on simultaneously. All you gotta do is save your time for other administrative works such as planning new puzzles, maintenance, repair and promotion works of your business. With picktime, you find it really astonishing as to how much of your time is being saved with little efforts from your side.

3.Multiple locations or timezones-

 Whether you have escape rooms all over your city or country or maybe sometimes the world, no wonder you might find it difficult to answer every customer who needs to book your room or finally lose your customers resulting in a downfall in your business. Worry less, picktime allow you to control your Bootstrap Business  from any part of the world. You can sit right at your workplace, log in using any device and access all the data. Open your booking page and take a glance every morning to check your bookings.

4.Completely automated-

You may get tired of no-shows and late runs by your customers. Chuck them using picktime. Our management software sends automatic SMS and email reminders to your staff and customers regarding their upcoming bookings. Take the hassle of reminding every customer flipping through papers by using picktime.

5.Book now plug-in-

 Picktime provides you a book now a widget that can be added to your website with ease. Make it simple and interesting to all those who visit your website by adding a book now button. Trust me, most of your visitors will turn into your customers with this incredible option on your page. Attract as many as you can by integrating your social media business page like Facebook with Picktime.

Along with the creative planning and execution of your escape or guest rooms, make sure to use Picktime as an intuitive tool to keep things well-organized. More importantly, build your business and watch it multiply its profits. Progress is all that you need, we need.

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