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Enjoy car ownership without the major expenses – choose a subscription

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A lot of aspiring people have one big question on their list of things to do – when will they be able to buy a car? Bank loans and car manufacturers have made it easy, but it comes at a price. Apart from giving up a hefty amount as a down payment, one will have to contend with EMI costs for years. But is this the only way? With the Zoomcar Associate Program, a groundbreaking yet simple car subscription service, there will be no more compromises for those who want to upgrade their lives with the vehicle of their dreams. Let us find out more.

No down payments – what a big relief!

Imagine the things that you can do with a few lakhs that one would have to give up for a car down payment. Put it in a safe fund for a secure future, upgrade the home electronics, go for that foreign trip you always dreamt about, and so much more. All these things are possible because car subscription requires no down payment – everything is sorted in a flat and transparent monthly fee. That is it.

No maintenance costs

Those who are familiar with car ownership will understand the rising maintenance costs that creep up over time. Juggling these with an EMI is not a fun prospect. Car subscription is a wonderful option because servicing is absolutely free. All the subscriber needs to do is send a servicing request via the ZAP app. The car gets picked up, serviced by the best professionals, and it is returned back to the subscriber’s location in no time. Insurance costs are also taken care of in ZAP’s car subscription, so there are more savings to celebrate.

Half-yearly tenures and long-term subscriptions

ZAP subscriptions can be for as less as six months, and there are options for 1, 2, and 3 years respectively. So whether the subscriber is looking for a short-term solution or a car for a good stretch of time, all the bases are covered. Car enthusiasts enjoy the subscription model. They get to drive the latest hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs by choosing the six-month tenure and changing cars when it is done.

Earn extra when not using the car

The hidden liability of owning a car is that even when it is not being used, the owner is still paying EMIs on a premium. With ZAP’s car subscription, shared economy fundamentals are used to the max. Why let the car idly sit in the parking lot when it is not going to be used for a while. ZAP subscribers can list their cars on the Zoomcar platform for other users to drive it around, and they will get paid for it. That is precious extra income without doing anything extra (apart from a few taps on the app). This exciting feature has helped car subscribers lower their monthly rates and freeing up their budget for other things.

Car subscription has helped ease budgets without reducing the benefits of having a car. Consider ZAP and make the smartest financial and lifestyle choice.

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