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Does your Gut need a Cleanse? Observing the Signs and Symptoms

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Cleaning out the gut may be necessary, for instance before certain medical procedures. However, many people do it based on the belief that it will rid their system of the excess toxins that accumulate over time as a result of their lifestyles, pollution and the food they eat.

Gut cleansing enthusiasts are aware that periodic internal cleaning removes the waste that is stuck within. The buildup of this waste can produce toxins that make entry into the blood and contribute to various symptoms such as weight gain, irritated skin, bloating and fatigue. Health problems may also arise and these range from arthritis to allergies.

When you need to cleanse your Gut

Although the body is equipped to cleanse itself naturally of toxins, it can use some assistance occasionally. The gut is responsible for the digestive process in its final stage and absorption of water, nutrients, salts and vitamins. When the system is not functioning properly, toxins can be absorbed within the bloodstream instead of being eliminated from the body.

The special balance of microorganisms within the gut and cells within the colon and be disrupted by disease, stress or food. Healthy bacteria need to be maintained in a proper balance to prevent digestive illness and problems. Dietary excesses and indulgences can lead to symptoms and signs that showcase the need for a prompt gut cleanse.


Even with several hours of sleep, you might feel sluggish and tired during the day. When the body works overtime to expel toxins, you are likely to have less energy. Learn more about gut cleanse Los Angeles here.

Gaining Weight

You may notice that you are putting on excess pounds or are finding it difficult to lose weight while consuming normal amounts of calories. When the body is unable to eliminate waste properly, weight gain and bloating may arise.

Acne and Pale Skin

The face serves as a good indicator of overall wellbeing. If your skin is spotty greasy and pale, this could be a symptom of toxins that have built up in your body.

Digestive Problems

You suffer from digestive challenges like excess gas, diarrhea and constipation but the cause is not clear. This can be the result of a blockage that is caused by an increase in unhealthy bacteria or lack of fiber that can lead to uncomfortable bloating and excess production of gas.

Lack of Concentration

Ineffective absorption of vitamins and poor diet can cause you to lose your concentration and become easily distracted. Migraines and headaches may also be caused when your body retains toxins and leads to inflammation.

Body Odor and Bad Breath

Even with proper hygiene, a buildup of toxins in the body can be experienced through the saliva or sweat glands, which results in body odor or smelly breath.


If you seek some additional dietary support for the treatment of problems in your gut and to promote a healthier digestive system, a gut cleanse is recommended. This provides an effective way to support the natural cleaning processes of the body and eliminates excess waste. Focus on keeping your body fuelled with a variety of healthy, nutritious foods that will help to keep your entire digestive tract healthy and functional.


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