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Diwali food menu | 11 Traditional Sweets, Dry Snacks for Deepavali

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Each one of us eagerly awaits the colorful and vibrant Diwali festival. It is not just a festival of lights but it is a festival of delicious flavors and delights as well. During this time, we get to gorge on different kinds of sweets and delicacies which makes this festival all the more special for us.

Although every festive celebration in India is incomplete without the preparation of different kinds of treats but Diwali festival of India has something unique and special about it. Every part of India has some unique preparation reserved for this auspicious occasion. So, if you want to enjoy Diwali to its fullest, then these traditional treats are must-try!

List of Traditional Indian Desserts


List of traditional Indian Desserts for Diwali


Karanji – crescent-shaped treats which are stuffed with nuts, sugar, coconut, and cardamom are an integral part of Maharashtrian Diwali Preparation. With a crisp outside and rich stuffing inside, it takes time to prepare this sweet, so we can get to eat them majorly during Diwali. They are popularly known as Gujjias in North India.


Choddo Shak is a popular Bengali dish which is prepared with 14 leafy greens of different types. Preparation of this dish one day before Kali Puja i.e. main Diwali festival is an age-old tradition. It is prepared by stir-frying these greens with herbs and chilies.


Diwali Faral is a significant aspect of Diwali in Maharashtra. Here, people rise early, take a bath and then consume this Faral for breakfast. Anarsa is a special dish prepared in this Faral. The preparation of this dish is time consuming. Firstly, rice is soaked for three days, then dried and powdered. Then, the powdered rice is mixed with poppy seeds and jaggery. The mix is then shaped in the form of discs and then fried.



Gajar ka Halwa is the most popular and most loved dessert in the northern part of India. As the name suggests, it is prepared with grated carrots which is mixed with sugar and milk and cooked in Ghee.


Legiyam is a native dish of Tamil Nadu. It is also popularly known as Deepavali Marundhu. This preparation is made with a mixture of poppy seeds, dry grapes, carom seeds, dry ginger, jaggery, nuts, honey, and ghee. It is basically a sort of herbal medicine which improves our digestive system so that we can heartily enjoy the Diwali savories


Chiroti is a delicacy native to Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Telangana. It is a special dessert prepared on special occasions and Diwali is one such festivity. Chiroti or Chirote is prepared with Maida dough which is shaped in circular layers and then fried in ghee. It is then served with sprinkled sugar or syrup.


Rajasthan’s Mawa Kachori is popular worldwide for its scrumptious and sweet taste. Fried Kachoris are stuffed with Mawa or Khoya, nuts, sugar and cardamom and then are coated with syrup or sugar. It is a unique dessert which is loved worldwide for the amazing taste that it offers.

  1. PINNI

Pinni is a popular Punjabi sweet and is a favorite during the festival of Diwali. Enriched with khoya and dry fruits, it is indeed a delicious and rich treat. Pinni is prepared using normal flour. The flour is cooked extensively in ghee till it turns golden brown and then is mixed with sugar, dry fruits, and khoya. Then, this flour is shaped in the form of Laddoos and enjoyed by one and all.


Rasabali is a sweet preparation that is native to the region of Odisha. Chenna or Cottage Cheese balls are deep fried and then soaked in rabri i.e. sweetened and thickened milk. The milk is then garnished with nuts and cardamom.


  1. BARFI

Barfi is a mouthwatering sweet delight which is quite popular in the Northern parts of India. It is white and creamy and is prepared with sugar, nuts and condensed milk. The entire mixture is cooked together until it solidifies and then the same is cut into squares and served.


Puran Poli is a sweet dish enjoyed in almost every part of India, especially in regions of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Gujarat. It is a sweet flatbread which is prepared using flour, nutmeg powder, ghee, nuts, chana dal, cardamom powder, and water. This sweet treat has an amazing flavor and is thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

It is quite surprising to see how different regions of India have such diverse preparations for this special celebration. Diwali is just around the corner. And, we cannot wait enough to light up the diyas, meet our loved ones and enjoy these delectable treats together. How many of the above-mentioned dishes have you tried? Do you want to add any other special dish to the list? Do let us know in the comment section below.

Here’s Wishing You All A Happy and Flavorful Diwali!

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