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Defining an SEO Strategy – Two Core Elements of an Effective SEO Strategy!

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Search engine optimization or SEO is often viewed as by magical wand that can do all sorts of tricks and manipulations behind-the-scenes to go around the search engine algorithms. Often times, businesses fail to utterly understand the key concepts and working of SEO, which leads to various misconceptions about the technique.  However, breaking the service into constituent elements might help them to better understand the processes involved and how things work in this important digital marketing technique.

Theoretically, SEO sounds pretty simple and straightforward technique, that is aimed to rank business websites higher in search engine rankings for better visibility and enhanced business recognition. However, looking closely will reveal the complex and intricate processes involved in the technique. To say the least, the best search engine optimization companies employ best practices across various elements involved in the technique and link them seamlessly to come up with a winning strategy.

Here we will be looking at three fundamental processes that were stressed by various interviewed search engine optimization companies in Las Vegas.

  1. Keyword and Competitor Analysis

Now, as a matter of fact, I have joined in two different steps adjacent because of their relativity. The first step for any SEO strategy is to undergo detailed keyword and competitor analysis. For those who aren’t familiar with the processes and jargons, Keywords represent eh phrases and words used by users to search the products/services over search engines. Google being the largest search engine provides detailed and insightful data into the monthly searches for particular keywords associated with your business. Choosing the precise and strategic keyword will automatically deliver a competitive advantage to the businesses with more monthly searches.

  1. Quality Content Creation

Once you have the desired keywords and a detailed competitors analysis, the second most important process in the list is the creation of high-quality content. Now, remember, content has remained the foundation stone for all search engine optimization strategies from the very early days of the technique and today it is more relevant than ever before.

Here, high-quality content is referred to an original, indigenous and relevant content that delivers some value to readers. Readers aren’t a bit interested in reading irrelevant or copied stuff, they are more interested in knowing more about the services you are offering or your business model.

For instance, a search engine optimization company offering their services in Las Vegas should be able to relate their business to the target audience with a strategic approach. here’re two cases for you to decide which content carries a better weight for the audience.


“We are one of the biggest and most competent search engine optimization companies in Las Vegas and we are now offering you affordable services”.


“We are a specialized small business and startup search engine optimization companies in Las Vegas that has helped various small businesses in Las Vegas with our local SEO services. Our services are meant to deliver small businesses a viable marketing platform to organically grow and compete with large organizations, all by empowering them with the power of local SEO services”.

Among these two business introductory contents, one represents vagueness, while other carries significant weight to target specific audience towards the business. Guess which one is more likely to attract clients?


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