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CES 2018 – Amazing innovations & revelations for digital healthcare

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The CES 2018 happened earlier this year in Las Vegas with more than a hundred participants bringing countless innovative digital health ideas we’ve never heard of. Here’s all that has been revealed at the event for the digital healthcare industry!

  • Digital health tech ruled the CES 2018 with more than a dozen healthcare gadgets.
  • Some of the biggest tech giants including Samsung, Apple, Philips and Nokia boarded the digital health train and revealed some of the most futuristic health and wellness products.
  • Health and fitness markets now are more saturated as many innovators and start-ups target niche products such as fertility trackers, illness detectors and countless health apps used by doctors in UAE
  • Patients are at the centre point of care as healthcare devices, trackers, medicines and sensors become far more customised and specific.

Blood-pressure smartwatch by Omron

Japanese tech company; Omron introduced the AI powered table tennis robot alongside a blood pressure monitoring smartwatch which means those traditional cuffs and measurement devices would soon be outdated. That being said, the smartwatch is still under clinical trial and expecting FDA approval later this year, the device is quite promising. It comes with an extra-strong grip which lets a user take accurate medical-grade measurement which then syncs with the dedicated Omron’s smartphone app.

Nokia sleep

The Finnish tech giant; none other than Nokia came with some of the most promising revelations. Other than the latest line of smartest smartphones, the company introduced the latest sleep monitor that can slide under the mattress. Named as the “Nokia Sleep”, it goes beyond the usual sleep tracker that’s able to turn the lights off and lower the room temperature thereby complementing to a peaceful, comfortable and sound sleep. Nokia Sleep can track sleep patterns, duration and quality of the bedtime as an added feature.

Smart toothbrush by Colgate

The Kolibree intelligent toothbrush ensures that you’re brushing the appropriate way whereas its dedicated smart application offer children fun game activities that promote the good habit of daily brushing and oral hygiene. Now, the global king of toothpaste; Colgate goes a step further with its all new smart toothbrush, powered by AI, it eventually contributes to the improved brushing habits.

The HearingFitness app by Oticon

The giant manufacturer of hearing solutions; Oticon revealed many new novelties at the CES 2018 like the rechargeable hearing aid and Dynamo for the serious hearing deficient. The company also revealed HearingFitness, an award-winning smart app designed to measure hearing influence on overall health. The app also gives recommendations on healthy and improved lifestyle.

VR-based collective medical training by SimforHealth

Another leap forward to educate medical students of the latest practices through virtual reality! SimforHealth; a French health tech company having expertise on VR medical training solutions unveiled its latest software at the CES 2018 which takes a collaborative approach among the student and teacher in immersive VR simulation. From simple anaesthesia practices to complicated surgeries and ultrasound, all can be learned through this futuristic training solution!

The skin scanner by Neutrogena

Many different gadgets are already in the market to analyse overall health of the skin but the Skin Scanner by Neutrogena syncs itself with the smartphone taking magnified images of the skin as well as calculate moisture content to help you take good care of the skin. An AI powered application known as the Skin 360 analyses this data which rates the skin on a scale ranging from “0-to-100” as well as share details on how you can improve it overtime.

EyeQ tests by RightEye

Ever wondered how you can assess brain health from movement of the eye! Then there’s evaluation of various other conditions associated to reading and sports vision. RightEye came forth with the latest and ultimate eye-testing solution known as EyeQ allow users to have a close look at their health through quick, computerised game-style vision tests.


Indeed, health apps alongside the entire digital healthcare industry is going through tremendous changes and innovations, promising better lifestyle overall.

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