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Building Promising Instagram Brand For Your Sole Business Purpose

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What you definitely know about Instagram is that it is all about visuals. So, the time has come when you need to aim at building a recognizable and cohesive brand identity. There are some positive ways to work on that for sure. But first, you need to head online and check out some of the great articles and blogs on the same. Once you are satisfied with the results, you can try out some of their tricks and tips for your own use.

Start by creating a visual consistency:

Visual social media-based reports have clarified that around 60% of top brands on IG will use the same filter for every post as posted so far. By using the same old filter always, it helps them to establish a style, which will be made recognizable with their brands and for their followers.

  • As their goal is to get IG users to stop scrolling once they see the image, using the same filter will help.
  • It will further help them to get engaged with the content or post by commenting on it or through real Instagram likes.
  • Same filters will help their pictures to get recognized easily, which is a better way to deal with visual consistency.
  • There are some mobile pictures editing tools or apps available, which can provide added filters or some editing options to help find the right style.
  • Photos, which are thoroughly filtered or edited anywhere else, can further be imported on IG.

Be sure of the subject matter:

Most of the times you don’t have to decide on the type of content your posts need to be focused on. During some instances, the content will be quite obvious like clothing line for showing clothes or restaurant posting pictures of their food items.

  • You always don’t have to be a lifestyle brand to get permission to post lifestyle content.
  • You can post anything and everything, which can cater to your group of customers really well and help you get some likes and comments.

The branded hashtag is always the in thing:

There are so many non-visual elements to be added to IG brand these days like the style for captions or common language usage. The most popular one among the lot is branded hashtags.

  • It does not mean you can use the company’s name as hashtags. It is all about creating one that might embodies brand and will further encourage followers to share pictures that fit your style.
  • There is no restriction when it comes to hashtags. Some companies can go for one and others can go for more than that number.
  • However, the hashtag needs to showcase the value and style of your brand pretty well. It will further help the followers to know what your picture or post is all about, which in turn, will help them to learn more about your company.

Building a core IG brand for business is not difficult. All you have to do is set up your mindset and nothing can stop you from achieving success over here.

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