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Best Monsoon Places To Visit In India

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Rains are magical in India, pure miraculous and mesmerizing. Though many of us do not t this time fit for travel but there certain is a different charm take in this downpour. Well, we can’t tell about all but yes there are a few who love to get drenched in the beauty of rain. So for the rain lovers, we have a list of places to go and enjoy their holidays at.

We have sorted some places where one can experience sightseeing, can relax get drench in rain and also can opt for some adventures. This vacation would be more towards smell than sight, can’t you already inhale the fragrance of earth? And can’t you sense the gentle winds on you face and the light rain drops?


Well, why just imagine when you can book flight tickets from USA to India and can enjoy your monsoon holidays.


Watch out for the places!


  1. Coorg, Karnataka

This is one among the most mesmerizing monsoon destinations in India. This place is not just one of the most exquisite hill destination in Karnataka but also in India. This place isn’t just about hills but also is dotted with beautiful scenery and vast coffee plantation. So this place if you agree with us is a mastered getaway in monsoon. You’ll come across many heart filling streams and falls and will fall in love to this small hill station instantly.

How to reach: it is 270 kilometers away from Bangalore so approximately will take 5 hours to be here from Bangalore. Closest airport is Bangalore airport and Mysore is the nearest railway station. Rainy day and drive to this place would be amazing.


  1. Shillong, Meghalaya

Situated in the base of clouds, Shillong is listed among the best destinations to pay a visit to in India, especially in the rainy season. This hill town is known for it’s captivating beauty and looks no less than heaven during monsoon. This is a perfect place to be if you want to enjoy monsoon in real sense, here in the rainy season you’ll get drench completely, if up for such a tour, so mark Shillong after you have booked your flight tickets from USA to India.

There are n number of falls to witness here, also you’ll find caves here, several parks and eating joints near the lakes. Just imagine, having maggi and a cup of hot tea here amidstmountains and rain.

How to reach: Closest airport and railway station both for Shillong is the capital city of Assam, Guwahati. So, land to Guwahati to book a cab and move to Shillong via road.

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  1. Munnar, Kerela

This place is a true paradise, located in Kerela. This again is a hill station one must visit, especially when it is raining as rain to this place, adds magic. Also the rain adds up more romance in the air of this place. This already beautiful hill station turns heaven in monsoon. Tea gardens, mist and seasonal waterfalls makes it a place worth spending your rainy days at.


How to reach: Munnar from Cochin is 130 km away and thus it takes around 3 hours 40 minutes to reach Munnar from Cochin through road.


  1. Valley Of Flowers

The Valley of flowers located in Uttarakhand is one among the most scenic places on Earth. And to be here monsoon is the best time as in monsoon you’ll get to see flowers of all the type, shades and colors. Tell us where else will you go to see like 400 varities of flowers fully bloomed? This valley for sure will offer you a scene you would have not witnessed before.

How to reach: Govindghat is the closest bus stand which is 18 kilometers off from the valley. There are two path to this place, one is via Shringar and the other from Rishikesh. If we talk about the nearest airport, it is Dehradun and Rishikesh is the closest railway station.


  1. Udaipur, Rajasthan

Udaipur is next on the list of places one can pick for his monsoon vacation. It is known for one of the lowest rainfalls in the country. Here it rains, just enough for the climate to turn pleasant. This place is full of beautiful lakes which glow looks more beautiful when it rains. Also this city has been titled as the most romantic destinations of India. You can roam around in the pretty weather with your better half. Not just that but also you can have a romantic boat ride. Amazing right?

How to reach: Udaipur is easily in reach through road, rail and air. It has airport with flight linked within the domestic sector. Also the roads to Udaipur are swimmingly connected to major cities.


So what else are you thinking of, it’s monsoon already here,

Book flight tickets from USA to India and have a drizzling vacation to any of the above place.

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