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Best Foods for Speeding up Recovery in Tuberculosis Patient

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Tuberculosis was a dreaded disease in the past with fatal outcomes but it is now understood much better and treated effectively giving positive results. Tuberculosis is supposed to be an extremely infectious disease that is actually caused by a harmful bacterium known as the Mycobacterium tuberculosis. We are aware of the fact that when TB patients sneeze or a cough, the air around them would be getting infected with the dangerous germs. Suppose someone breathes in this environment, TB could be transmitted to him through these germs suspended in the air.

Some of the most common symptoms of tuberculosis are weight loss; shortness of breath, night sweats etc. As per the WHO, tuberculosis is triggered in people who are poorly nourished or undernourished. Malnutrition is the chief cause of tuberculosis in the developing nations.

Nutrition is, therefore, an important factor leading to recovery and effective management of TB. Generally, tuberculosis patients are administered very high dosages of antibiotics over an extended period of time. These have a substantial impact on the nutrient absorption capacity including Vitamin D and Pyridoxine or Vitamin B that would be impacting the calcium absorption levels etc.

In this context, it is claimed that the Polymerase Chain Reaction seems to be an effective technology that is implemented in practically all critical molecular biology applications. It is understood that PCR amplification is quite useful in accurately detecting Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA. You may visit https://www.mybiosource.com/ a leading biotechnological products distribution firm offering an impressive portfolio of high-quality lab research reagents.

Nutritional Tips

According to WHO, TB patients are known to have extremely low circulating micronutrient concentrations like Vitamins D, A, and E and even minerals such as zinc, iron, and selenium. Tuberculosis treatment and prevention must necessarily concentrate on treating or preventing malnutrition or particularly, under-nutrition that would be lowering immunity and triggering a plethora of nutrient deficiencies. Here are some ideal foods for tuberculosis patients.

Protein Rich Foods

You need to boost protein consumption to fulfill an increased need for proteins in your body as a result of tuberculosis. You must include dry fruits, nut mixes, peanuts etc. In case you do not feel like eating as a result of poor appetite, go ahead and use powdered nut mix into your milkshake. You must eat more eggs, soya chunks, tofu, and all other protein-rich foods that are well-absorbed.

Calorie Dense Foods

Tuberculosis patients must consume high calories every day if they are looking for a speedy recovery. You must make sure that there is no more weight loss so try to include nutrient and calorie-rich foods to fulfill an increase in metabolic demands.  Have calorie dense food items like cereal, porridge, banana, peanuts, wheat products etc. for a speedy recovery from TB.

Vitamin A, C, & E

Some of the essential foods for patients suffering from tuberculosis are yellow-orange vegetables and fruits like sweet pumpkin, papaya, carrots, orange, mango etc. that are loaded with Vitamin A. You must also, include fresh fruits such as tomatoes, guavas, sweet lime etc. for Vitamin C. You may consume vegetable oils, wheat germ, and seeds for boosting Vitamin E.


If you are suffering from tuberculosis, you must fulfill all nutritional requirements and concentrate on whatever your nutritionist has prescribed. Apart from the ideal foods discussed above, you could consume some B complex vitamins in the form of pulses, seeds, nuts, and whole grain cereals. Non-vegetarians could consider obtaining their share of B complex by having fish, eggs, lean meat cuts, and chicken. Eat more tuna, salmon, sardines, and even mackerel. Get well soon by eating well.

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