“If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you’re putting yourself out of business”

-Lee Kuan Yew

The hardest part of doing business is to not compromise on one aspect to gain prominence in other. Like few business owners emphasize more on the product division and casually ignore the customer support function. These businesses face the challenge of losing customers on a uniform basis.

While there are other businesses that decide to keep a strong focus on customer servicing but fail to come up with an innovative product/service line. If everything goes alright for SMB owners then lack of resources present a unique set of challenges in the growth stage.

All in all, the problems are never going to leave a business of any size, industry or type. This is why, CEOs and founders of the biggest companies rely on much dependable and well-known business strategy; outsourcing.

Outsourcing is when a business handovers its tasks to a third-party specialized service provider for set prices. These specialized service providers are available in the United States too, but vendors from countries like India, Malaysia, and China are too popular. Why?? One simple answer. They charge way less than BPOs providing call center outsourcing USA.

However, like a rose comes with thorns, overseas outsourcing also has its demerits. In this blog, we are going to discuss both advantage and disadvantages that come along with overseas outsourcing. Let’s take a look:

Pros of overseas outsourcing

When you contact and partner up with a service provider located in let’s say India, there are a series of benefits that your business can leverage on:


Overseas vendor frees your mind from the tension of handling an in-house call center. Along with this, your pockets will not feel any sort of burden that comes along with the call center management. The operational expense is tremendously curtailed as hiring, training, technology installment, equipment and tools purchase costs are trimmed too.

For example, cost to hire a beginner level technical expert is around $25 per hour in the USA while the same level agent can be hired in India for just $8 per hour.

No scalability challenge

Outsourcing also provides you comfort from issues that arise during the high or low requirement season. If running an in-house call center, high demand season would compel you to hire manpower, while low or no demand season would force your hands to lay off some agents.

These sorts of stresses are totally weeded by the overseas outsourcers. For example, call centers in India hire a vast workforce so as to provide uninterrupted assistance to the businesses in the time of high demand.

Around-the-clock presence

You have a business in the United States. Your target audience, however, is in more than one country. There are some customers that also call at the time when your office is closed down. You may hire extra resources to assist those customers.

However, binding with one of the competent call centers in India would provide you an automatic around the clock support for your customers. Companies offering call center outsourcing USA can provide your business 24/7 assistance, but they also require to hire extra resource.

But, a service provider in India already have a humungous workforce and the 12-hour difference with the USA also renders a big advantage to businesses.

Cons of overseas outsourcing

All is well from the other side. I agree that most of the businesses that opted to outsource to an overseas location are profitable and happy, but, there are few firms that did have some horrible experiences.

Let’s see the other side of overseas outsourcing:

Lowered CSAT

CSAT is the customer satisfaction score.

There has been a lot of speculation about the quality of service that is offered by the outsourcing companies. This is so because the agents talking to your customers in the USA are themselves from India or China or Malaysia.

Even though India is second on the rank of having most English speaking people in the world, yet there is a difference.

This is a difference of culture and accent. These agents may be good in English, but the flow or the accent is easily recognizable. This sometimes leads to lousy service experience for customers.

The language and cultural bottlenecks hinder the business from leveraging on the outsourcing benefits.

Less control

After all, you are handing over one or more of your business function to some company that is located thousands of miles from you. This is not easy. How are you going to check the quality and put the policies in their correct manner if your business task is managed by an outsourcing company? Lack of control offers you a scare that your business task will be lost and your company is going to suffer; which eventually happens.

Less knowledge

Since your outsourcing partner will be sitting in an overseas location, on-site training alternative is set aside.

Now, when a call center agent starts the communication with your customers without any basic knowledge about your business, it’s going to be a disaster. Customers won’t like this.

Overseas outsourcing has some other benefits such as division of focus, no or poor communication, and security troubles.

Final words

Having a business and opting call center outsourcing USA alternative is always open, but IMHO if you choose a reputed and experienced call center in India, then along with the savings, your company can really raise its brand image and productivity remarkably.

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