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Be wise and Buy Gold

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Be wise and Buy Gold

It was my first pay cheque and I jumped in joy to show it to my mother who is a Retd. Accounts Officer, now happily enjoying the bliss of a housewife. I couldn’t wait to go home, however mandated office hours kept me sitting in the office.  As I rushed home in the evening and showed my mother the first payment she was equally thrilled and had a twinkle in her eye seeing me stand on my own feet. She also had an expression of “not all that is yours” and likewise she said so. I was startled and she was too open in asking a share of that money. I was puzzled but did not brag much and gave her the share, this went on for months and I never really questioned her, what she did with that money. My mother knew the fact that I would spend until the last penny on everything I eyed it. She never had a problem with that, however she only suggested “Eye at good things that would give you returns and stay with you rather than some materialistic junk”. As a millennial I never understood what is eyeing at something that gave me return was.

It was my 5th year at office and my pay cheque increased so is my mother’s share. This time I couldn’t help asking what she did with that money. In fact, I later realized she didn’t do anything with it, she was waiting for the perfect moment to strike and it was women’s day, she took me on a shopping spree but we practically did window shopping of all gold shops in the city. I was exhausted to the core when we returned with empty hand. The next day I had my little surprise awaiting on my bed, it was the one pair of gold bangles design that I truly loved out of the scores that I saw on the previous day. I loved the surprise and my mother gave her share of my salary that she has been saving all these while.

Another precious Vaddanam design caught my eye and this time I am surely bringing it home with my next big bonus. There are many retail Jewellers who facilitate live video shopping facility like Vaibhav Jewellers, Vizag that helps us to shop from the comfort of our home, they are also a very responsive in answering customer queries and helping them with all the latest designs on request. Novice shoppers like me are made aware of the various workmanships they offer such as the Temple, Pachi, Antique etc.

The whole idea behind buying gold is that every woman not only treasures it but feels that she is amassing wealth in her own unique way. Today, as I wear them with pride I understand the feeling of owning something worth and which I could take a long way with me into my future. Till date there are many households where they perform pooja to the newly purchased gold and then adorn them and my home is one such example.

Save bit by bit to purchase that big coveted piece you were eyeing is what I was trying to put across. Buying gold at a time is always a pressure and can be hefty on our pocket; this can be avoided if we all show some wiseness and a thought for future.

I leave you all here, only to reiterate to save a little of your pie for buying gold.

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