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Be Classified Amongst the Classiest—Have a Classy Home, with Vintage Rugs

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According to the dictionaries, ‘Vintage’ means “something from the past, which is of high quality, especially something representing the best of its kind”. So, anything that has the word vintage attached to it becomes a thing of value and excellent quality becomes synonymous with it.

Of course, anything ‘Vintage’ also has ‘rich’ attached to it. So, if you have anything vintage—a vintage car, vintage furniture, vintage wine or a vintage rug—you are bound to be classified amongst the classy people of the society.

A rug adds oomph to your room and when the rug happens to be from amongst the vintage collection, your home will look both oomphy and rich.

You have guests to entertain and when your guests visit your abode, they should see a home that spells luxury. Which is what a rug does. It makes a room look luxurious. Your guests will leave impressed and are bound to ape your style of decorating your home.

Are the things called vintage, really vintage?

Yes and no! There are certain things and artifacts that actually belong to the bygone eras and there are things and artifacts that are made to look like that.

So, how do they do it? It is simple actually. There are methods by which objects like vintage rugs are made to look vintage. The method includes washing out of the colors and shaving the pile down. That is it! And the look is so vintage that you will fall in love with the designer rug.

Najaf rugs & Textiles make such beautiful vintage rugs and so perfectly that an ordinary buyer can never spot the difference between the actual vintage run and the made to look vintage rug. However, it is to their credit that they clarify this to the customers.

But then what does it matter? Does it? If your vintage rug is not actually vintage and you know about it and are not cheated—then you have nothing to worry about. All you have to do is go to the right shop and buy a few vintage rugs.

Types of vintage rugs available

There are many types of vintage rugs available in the market. You could choose according to the color and style. The most beautiful are the handmade rugs. They will not only add value to your home but will also make your home rich and glamorous. There are many colors available too: beige, blue, green, grey and pink.

You can also buy as per the type, that is, Persian or otherwise.

How to maintain the vintage rugs?

First of all, whenever it is the maintenance of stuff like rugs, you have to treat them carefully every single day. Avoid dropping food and other stuff on them as a soiled run looks really bad. So, when eating or using stuff that causes harm to them, do not be anywhere near the rug.

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