Self storage service provider numbers have been going up crazily over the past few years. That is generally due to a number of facts. Individuals looking for better job opportunities or a personal home; having too many items and furniture than what the real estate allows for. All of the mentioned factors account for the rise in the number of storage unit companies. Additionally, the loss, theft, and damage to valuable possessions during transit from one location to another have also added to the increase in the number of self-storage unit services.

Self-storage unit companies allow the user to store almost anything and indefinitely should the need arise. The following article presents an unbiased view of the pros and cons of a self-storage unit.

Let’s get right in!


The self-storage units have one primary advantage. These are essential for saving space at the office or home. Saving up on the real estate is always welcome in the present day and age. The storage units are also beneficial while relocating and avoiding the physical damages that incurred during such a process. Storage units are moreover safe and secured, more than your personal space.

The following are some of the fundamental advantages of a self storage unit,

  1. Packing facilities are available at minimum charges.
  2. The availability of neat and well maintained affordable storage units.
  3. Customers have easy access to the faculty whenever required.
  4. Some of these storage units also come fitted with climate controlled devices to better protect fragile items like paintings or distillery products and valuable stamp collections to name a few.
  5. The user only pays for the amount of space used, exactly!
  6. Added layers of security with manned premises and computerized locks.


The disadvantage of a storage unit for the long run becomes very apparent. The major consideration before renting a storage unit should be the worthiness and usage of the item you want to store and for how long.

  1. You need to visit the facility as often as you can to make sure the items are secured and handled correctly. The truth is, nothing beats self care, not even paid professionals, so decide wisely.
  2. Rented storage space can be liable to damages by natural disasters. The storage unit service provider isn’t responsible to damage charges during natural calamities, so it is a great idea to insure the items beforehand.
  3. Try storing items for a short period as the cost-effectiveness of storage units disappear when you try and rent them indefinitely.
  4. Commuting to and fro from the facility becomes tedious every time you want to check on your precious items, so it is a great idea to invest in a local storage unit service.
  5. You cannot expect cleanliness of the storage unit at all times, so choose wisely.

Go ahead and store in rented storage space if your items are precious but if they are not worth it, you can sell/donate.

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