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What is AMP and how it benefits SEO

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AMP and how it benefits SEO

What is AMP and how it benefits SEO

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Page. It is an open source project initiated by Google with an aim to deliver content through the implementation of stripped down code known as AMP HTML.

Accelerated Mobile Page is designed to help organizations develop mobile-optimized content that loads faster on every device. Google’s main goal is to deliver the best and well optimized mobile experience for users so that they can get information as fast as possible on whichever device they are using. As per Google principles, Google doesn’t want –

AMP is basically a framework which consists of three components: – AMP HTML, AMP JavaScript and AMP cache

  1. AMP HTML:

    AMP HTML is a standard HTML and web component which includes some restrictions with reliable performance.

A Simplest AMP HTML structure file looks like this:-



As most of the regular HTML tags are included in AMP HTML which makes developing easier from a developer’s point of view, there are some HTML tags are replaced with AMP-specific tags.

  1. AMP JS:-

AMP JS library manages resource loading which means that it ensures the rendering of web pages from the web server.

JavaScript is a scripting language, primarily used for the web. It is used to enhance web pages and is commonly found embedded in HTML code. JavaScript renders web pages to interact with cookies, events, validate trigger, accept valid text, detect a user’s browser, etc.

Nothing can be blocked from rendering the page because it makes everything that comes from external sources asynchronously. The other main performance includes all the pre-calculation of the layout of every element on the page before resources are loading.

  1. AMP Cache:-

The Google AMP Cache can be used to serve cached AMP HTML.

Google publisher’s AMP cache provides:-

  • High performance
  • Flexibility and results
  • Collaborative Effort

Why AMP is a good idea?

In this digital era, smartphones have taken over desktops or laptops as it has become the primary device that people use to go online. People mostly use mobile phones to surf, to look for nearby locations, to shop, to read the news and much more. Thus, it’s important for publishers or industries to make websites that load faster on mobile devices. The critical cut off is said to be three seconds. So, if a website takes any longer than three seconds to load, then the majority of mobile phone users will bounce back and leave the page which increases the bounce rate of a web page and leads to poor indexing.

AMP is a good idea because it is specifically designed to create websites that load as quickly as possible on mobile devices.

Why AMP is Important

Efficient Speed:

Browsing on mobile while you’re on-the-go will means that your internet speed is not always fast. So it is best to optimize the experience of mobile browsing for all by standardizing a mobile version of your site with AMP.

If a web page takes too long to load, it loses its visitors and as it gives a poor impression that negatively influences conversions and the chance for new visitor acquisition.

The following statistics prove why AMP is necessary for all websites:

  • AMP documents load faster than standard web pages
  • By 2021, 80% of all mobile data traffic will come from smartphones
  • 58% of searches were conducted on mobile devices
  • 53% of web pages are impulsive if they take more than three seconds to load
  • A one-second delay in website load time can decrease conversions by up to 7-10%


In India, phone users are expected to rise to 775.7 million and could reach almost 943 million by 2021. This shows us that most of the users are connected to us the through their convenient smartphone device. The mobile user experience is the key ingredient for engagement. Web content looks far more engaging and interesting on AMP web pages than mobile responsive web pages.

Has Google Affected SEO Ranking Through AMP?

As per Google’s report, AMP has not been affecting SEO on SERP. It’s just an up gradation of UX design. They also mentioned that AMP isn’t an important factor for SEO. However, Google AMPs improve the loading time of a website which affects SEO as Google SERP gives an advantage to the websites that have a faster loading time.

Following are some factors which differentiate AMPs with mobile responsive sites:-

  • Google Gives Priority To AMPs Web pages:  Google gives AMP webpages higher ranking because they improve the user experience. They are designed in such a way that users don’t have to scroll vertically which gives them a higher ranking in mobile search results and gives them better visibility.
  • AMP is dynamic: If we talk about the web, it consists of several assets in a single page like text, audio, video, images and other dynamic files. Thanks to AMP, we are able to include all these assets on a webpage.
  • Google AMP Supports Google Analytics: Analytics give overall performance and insights of a website so that we can dig out discrepancies and find out how users respond to the AMP webpages. We can also get insights on clicks, page views, landing page interactions, behaviour and social interactions, etc.
  • AMP doesn’t really help e-commerce websites: AMP focuses mostly on long-form content and articles. It doesn’t provide answers to questions your customers would ask. Unless your business website has a substantial library of blog posts and articles, there isn’t much use for AMP HTML yet.
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