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A Horse Or Pony: Select The One You Like

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Ponies and horses are important part of the American culture. Your current horse owning experience will be an enjoyable one if you can consider few points carefully. You need to know whether horse ownership suits you or not before making the right decision. The horse ownership must also suit your home, family, lifestyle and more. So, make sure to go for an informed decision. You can take time and then involve family and give some of the careful considerations to some points.

Special about ponies and horses:

Horses as well as ponies can be really wonderful and loving companion for your life. They mostly have an average lifespan of 25 to 30 years and some might even live more to 40 years of age or older. They can also be your willing riding partners for recreation, exercises and competition. But to give their health top- priority, you might have to keep a close watch at the horse’s feed, relaxing time, health and more.

Choices you have in horses and ponies:

Before you head towards an animal, you better be sure of the choices available. For that, try visiting TVG for a change and get some ideas in this regard. There are over 200 breeds of ponies and horses available in the market and each breed has its own unique qualities. Moreover, not all breeds are that suitable for all riders and their said activities. There are some other breed combinations, which can produce endless variations of mixed reed horses.

  • As riding requires teamwork between the rider and horse, it is vital to select a horse, which can suit your riding style and temperament. A fearful nervous rider should always own calm horses which will not respond in fear. On the other hand, you have beginners who must have well-trained and placid horses.
  • Before you plan to buy a horse, you might have some great riding experience or take riding lessons. Once you are sure of your riding abilities and limitations involved, you can be a better position to choose horse with training and temperament that matches you well.
  • You might also solicit help of experienced person to help prepare for the horse ownership and also for selecting suitable horses.

Consider the riding:

Before you plan to buy a horse or pony, make sure to consider the type of riding you are planning to do. Is it English or the Western style? These styles are suitable for your pleasure riding. But, when it comes to advanced riders, they might plan to head for English riding style for some activities such as jumping, dressing, event and hunting. Western riding style is chosen for cutting, barrel racing, rodeo events and reining. Multiple horses are well-trained in English and Western riding styles.

Always go for the trained horses, as you don’t want to invest time in training the horses or ponies once you bought them. If you are an experienced rider and want to train your horse by taking the entire responsibility, you are most welcome to do so.

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