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A Guide to Remember Before Buying a Domestic RO Water Purifier

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RO Water Purifier

Your house must be supplied with water from different sources which include a government supplied one too. But happens with the government suppliers is that sometimes they bleach the water and you might have faced the odour and taste with being different. So, an RO water purifier comes to your rescue on keeping several factors to provide you with drinkable, clean water.

As the normal doctor says, 70 per cent of our body is made up of water. The concentration level of water in the human body measures the importance of water in your life. Before buying any kind of water purifier for domestic purpose, remember to check its TDS level as different constituents in the form of organic and inorganic compounds.

As water is an inevitable part of life, it would be wise to choose an appropriate domestic reverse osmosis water purifier for your house or any domestic place of your choice. You cannot stop the chlorine, cysts, bacteria, arsenic, suspended particles, lead and VOC impurities through simple filtration. For this, you need special technology like Reverse Osmosis System.

Tips to keep in the list before buying a domestic RO water purifier

  1. Kind of Purifier

The first step towards buying a domestic RO purifier is to self – analyze the kind of water that you are receiving from the source. A good retailer would provide you with the flow chart of different techniques to address the type of water flowing in your house. You will get a wide range of RO products available in the market to justify your requirements. There are some important things that one needs to care while going for a water purifier. There are many things that one needs to care while going for the water purifier selection. One needs to check if he wants to go for the purifier with storage or without.

  1. TDS Level

The determination of water is hard or soft is known by the TDS level constituting it. If the TDS level is in the mid-range of 150 – 300 ppm, then it is soft water. But, if it ranges from 500 ppm and above, it is recognized to be hard water. Normally water containing arsenic, fluoride, and metals of heavy configuration are said to be hard water and are tributaries of bore well, tankers or underground water. So, if you know your TDS level, you can easily identify the kind of RO you need to install for your domestic purposes.

  1. Other Requisites

Any RO, will require high electricity and adequate water usage, calculate if your area provides with high water level and high voltage electricity supply. As both the things are composite features of an RO system, think well before buying it.

These are the basic tips to focus before buying a domestic RO water purifier. But it would be highly beneficial to have a talk with the retailers and drag a customer review from different sources as possible as you can.

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