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A Complte Travel Guide to Udaipur – City of Lakes

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Udajpur is the most romantic city in Rajasthan, called the city of lakes and the Asian Venice. Although Rajasthan is considered one of the hottest regions in India, in Udajpura, the temperature is always a few degrees lower (the city is surrounded by the mountains of Arawali, and Pichola lake) and you will not feel the humidity of the air, which tourists often complain about.

The best time to travel is between October and March. From April to June the temperature rises significantly and can reach 40 °, while in the months from July to September there is a monsoon season that can effectively hamper the city’s sightseeing.

Among the most popular monuments is the City Palace, which was built for almost 400 years on a hill rising above Lake Pichola and Monsoon Palace, but I also recommend a walk around the shopping district in the city center.

How to Reach Udaipur

Travel to Udaipur by flight directly from Jaipur, a flight that lasts less than an hour. Already at the airport Jaipur charmed with a great peace and silence so strange to India that I knew so far.

They are still the same India – full of dirty children, cows and asses on the streets, colorful rickshaws and bazaars. But it is different. The city of lakes seems to be a holiday center mainly for Indians from the developing middle class, not many foreign tourists here. Nobody pulled us on anything, increased the price, did not try to deceive. In Udaipur, people seem more modest, respectful, more serious.

In the evening, visit to the lake so that we could see where the Indians gather in the evenings, to chat, eat, eat samosha at sunset. Later, after dusk, we went to a market of spices, vegetables, fruit, and wicker baskets woven in front of our eyes. It is a very nice feeling to buy a basket – knowing who did it, leaving in your heart the memory of a woman who had been plotting it for us.

Places to Visit in Udaipur

Visit the City Palace, the construction of which began in 1553 and lasted almost 400 years, when the city experienced its greatest development in the seventeenth and eighteenth century, the most important part of the palace was created. Later, its surface was enlarged many times. Currently, it is made up of four buildings connected by numerous corridors and narrow passages, creating a real labyrinth.

Before buying a ticket, it is worth considering what exactly you want to see and visit. There are so many interesting options that are worth using, you did not have too much time and we regretted that we would stop in Udaipur for such a short time and we will not be able to do everything. So, you can see the sunset over City Palace from a helicopter for 4500 rupees , or go on a  boat cruise around the palace for 700 rupees.

The standard ticket also entitles you to enter the evening light show. It costs 30 rupees, but be sure to also buy the museum entrance and watch the rooms for 300 rupees, because it’s really worth seeing. The view from the top is amazing, and tiny windows, stained glass windows and columns are asking for photography. For a small fee, you can also use an English-speaking guide, which will take you to the most interesting places in the palace.

We spent 3 hours inside, if you do not have much time, if you speed up a bit and you can see everything in two. In the City Palace, there are two restaurants with Indian and continental cuisine, so if you would like to stay there for lunch or dinner, this is also one of the most-beautiful places in the city.

Sajjan Garh Palace

We decided to watch the sunset from the Monsoon Palace temple, also known as Sajjan Garh Palace – a magical place built on top of the mountain in 1884, to which a rickshaw driver drove us. Normal cars, however, are not authorized to enter the summit. For 90 rupees, you can buy a place in the jeep, which carries a set of visitors to the top of the temple.

It is a few kilometers, sharp uphill, along a winding road, among the which is full of wild animals. Driving a car takes about 10 minutes. At the top, we see a breathtaking view of the entire city. But you know what? This is not the most beautiful. The courtyard, which has something magical about me, made the biggest impression on me – monkeys appear there every now and then,

Sunset in this atmosphere is a wonderful complement to the mystical moment.

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Other attractions that are worth seeing in Udajpur are:

Nehru Garden and Fateh Sagar Lake

A tiny island located in the middle of Lake Pichola, where you will find beautiful gardens and a charming cafe.

Jagdish Temple

Right in the center, right at the entrance to the City Palace is the most important temple in Udaipur,  Jagadish Mandir, dedicated to the god Vishnu.

Vintage and Classic Car Museum

A collection of cars from the royal family from Udaipur, in which over a hundred years they have collected rare specimens of models such as Rolls Royce, Cadillac and Mercedes. It makes you think about it, keeping in mind the crowds outside walking barefoot on the streets.

Embark your trip to Udaipur with Maharajas Express train which is the most famous luxury train in India.

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