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8 Things You Can Do In Australia When On Immigrant Visa

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Australia is one of the better developed countries of the world. Whether you are someone who appreciates the buzz of a big city life or prefer calm suburban areas with close reach to a big city, you will find everything in the country. Australia is an investor’s dream in current times as well with a much prosperous business system in place that benefits foreign investors greatly and also the government offering business investment immigration programs to boost their economy at the same time.

If you are from any of the GCC states like Dubai or the UAE, you will need reliable Australian immigration consultants in Dubai who can make the complex process easy for you. However, you will find that Australian immigration process is one of the easier ones in the world and here are a few significant things you can do in Australia when on immigrant visa:

1. Work Unconditionally in Australia

One of the major benefits an Australian immigration brings is the ability to work with no special rules applied. When you get an open immigration status, you will not need to work for any particular organization or only be allowed so many work hours restricting your earning capacity at all. While following all the labor and work laws, you will be allowed to work on your preference and even switch jobs whenever needed as well. Same rules apply on your spouse or dependents as well, they will be allowed to work as required, more discussion on dependents is coming below.

2: Live in Any Province or City in the Country

Similarly to there being no limitations in work allowance, there is no notable limitation as to which part of Australia you can live or work in. Practically, you can move about in any province or city depending on where you find a good living for yourself. However, choosing a favorable city of Australia is pretty significant depending on your particular talents and skills. One part of the country specializes in industrial activity with another being an oil and gas specialist as well. The automotive and aircraft industries are concentered in certain cities in the country, you must make an intelligent decision based on your skills and qualifications to help you grow positively with your career moving forward.

3: Be Self Employed On Preference

Additionally, an Australian open immigration status also grants the migrants ability to be self-employed when preferred. Australia is one of the most reliable and consistent countries of the world when it comes to economy and currency, being able to invest in the country within your special skills or expertise is a great plus indeed and is certainly one of the better things you can do in Australia when on immigrant visa.

4: Travel in and Out of the Country

Once you get you immigration status for Australia, there will be no limitations as to how many times a year you can fly in or out of the country at all. There is however a minimum timescale a year you need to spend in Australia, as long as you abide by that rule, you will be able to travel out and back in as frequently as required.

5: Visit Anywhere in Australia or New Zealand

New Zealand and Australia are neighboring countries and New Zealand is particularly known for its natural landscapes and attractive beauty. Not only will you be able to visit all of the Australian beauty on your immigration status, but travelling to New Zealand will only require an airport visa stamp process as well that is both convenient and very quick at the same time.

6: Move Your Dependents with You

If you are applying for your immigration from Dubai or any other GCC states, your immigration consultants in Dubai should tell you this and it is also one of major benefits with an Australian immigration, the ability to have all your dependents and spouse/partner travelling with you and living in alongside you in the country as well. You can apply for your dependents with your own application or do it later on when you are in Australia depending on how you prefer it.

7: Avail High Quality Subsidized Healthcare

Healthcare is something that comes at great costs. People from parts of the world like the Middle East and GCC states would know this particularly. However, Australian immigration status grants you direct access to one of the highest quality healthcare systems that is also government subsidized as well. Most medical treatment in the country is free of cost and actually saves you a fortune when you consider the frequency of all family members having to see doctors or visit hospitals in routine life.

8: Be Eligible for an Australian Citizenship

We left this one for last and is probably one of the major attractions with an Australian immigration status, the ability to become eligible for an Australian citizenship. On most immigration visas, you only need to stay in the country while not being involved in any illegal or criminal activities for a short term of 3-5 years. After completing that term on your immigration status, you can directly apply for a citizenship making you a permanent equal rights Australian with access to all government funds and even travel the world with the Australian passport.

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