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8 of the Many Awesome Things you Can do in India

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8 of the Many Awesome Things you Can do in India

Indian is a land of contradictions, and the same things make the country so unique in its own terms. Welcome to the land of culture, festivals, traditions, and awesome quirkiness. Visiting India is like facing multi-headed snake- you will be confused about where to look. And, it is a good snake. There are some many places to visit and things to do in India. But, there are a few things that are totally weird and awesome at the same time. Want to know what are some of the quirky things you can do in India?

Endless Street Shopping

Got to any part of India and you will find the street market at its best. Street shopping is one of the best things about India. You can shop for almost everything from clothes to books to jewelry and much more. The street markets, also known as Bazaars, are best known for the bargain prices. You can buy souvenirs, gifts and important things from the street market at bargain prices – if you are really good at it. One thing you are going to notice about these bazaars is that they are very colorful and lively, so will enjoy the environment even if it is a bit loud. You can plan your tour to India with available Goibibo Coupons today to find all best options for bus tickets & rail reservation.

Wagah Border, Punjab

The Wagah border that divides India and Pakistan in the State of Punjab is one of the most dramatic borders you will ever see in any part of the word. Every evening the Retreat Ceremony takes place on both sides of the border. The guards on both sides take down the Flag in the most aggressive and dramatic manner. The whole thing is performed before an enthusiastic crowd, which is both exciting and quite disturbing to watch given the passion involved in it. One has to be there to feel the heat.

Wrestling Indian Style

Indian wrestling is also known as the Kusti is one of the popular sports in India. You can find its various versions across India, most commonly in the states of Haryana and UP. For the first timers, the kusti is nothing less than a surprise. The crowd is very involved in it and they are very enthusiastic. The wrestling itself is very interesting.

Boat Ride in Sunderbans

Take a boat ride in the world’s largest mangrove forest in Sunderland, West Bengal. The ride in traditional boats will take you through a different world you have never seen before. You will get to see the different bird species and plants and trees and the water. Everything you see there is an enigma.

Floating National Park in Manipur

The Loktak Lake, situated near Moirang in Manipur is a one of a kind floating National Park in the world. It is a sweet water lake known for its wide variety of vegetation, soil, and organic matters. These things are found in various stages of decomposing which gives the impression that it’s floating, hence the name. The lake is also home to some of the endangered species in the world. It is a must see if you are visiting India or Manipur.

Snake Boat Race in Kerala

While Kerala may be the only state with a 100% literacy rate, but there is another unique thing about the state – the snake boat race in August. The race takes places in Punnamada Lake near Alappuzha in 100 to 120 foot long boats. It can house around 90 to 110 rowers who paddle wins the competition. It is a unique experience and the sight of so many boat competition is very memorable. You can also choose Yatra Coupons to find the best hotels in Kerala at good rates starting from budget hotels as well.

Yoga in Uttrakhand

You can do yoga in any place, but Rishikesh in Uttrakhand is known for its yoga retreats. The place is famous because all around the place you will see natural beauty. Practicing yoga in this beautiful and calm place has its own charm. You can sign-up for yoga classes here and learn some ancient techniques of doing yoga.

Visit Kanyakumari

The southernmost tip of India is Kanyakumari. It is the world’s largest peninsula overlooking the Indian Ocean. The Cape Comorin is the southernmost tip of India. The view is amazing and breathtaking. There are tours available for it.

The Bottom-Line

These are some of the many unique things that India has to offer to anyone who visits India and lives here. Each state has something unique and beautiful to offer. They are both a bit different, but equally beautiful and unique in their own way.

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