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7 Things That’ll Make Sure Your Piano Remains Intact While Moving

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Imagine a scenario: Due to unforeseen circumstances, you need to relocate from Adelaide to Sydney in a matter of a few days. You have all the belongings, furniture and your favourite piano in the house that you want to move.

But here’s the truth: Because of the size and weight of the piano, you find it difficult to move it from Adelaide to Sydney.

If that is the case, then this write-up is just for you. It will help you to ensure that your piano remains intact while moving.

Check this out: In the forthcoming section, we will discuss the different things that you need to keep in mind while moving to ensure that your piano remains intact.

But, before we look at the section it is important to understand that due to the size and weight of the piano, there is always a danger even for the piano removalists in Adelaide while moving this marvellous piece of art during the time of moving.

This very reason makes it extremely critical for you to devote some time to plan and prepare a course of action while moving your piano.

Here’s the deal: It is estimated that a grand piano weighs around half a ton. Piano finishes are always extremely vulnerable to dents and scratches.

So, if you are looking to keep this excellent piece of art in excellent condition it is critical to hire piano removals in Adelaide for the best possible result.

As promised, let us now look at some of the recommended steps that will ensure that your piano remains intact while moving:

Measure the dimensions of your piano in an upright position to plan the moving process carefully

This is the planning phase wherein you need to start by measuring the size of the piano. Always be meticulous while measuring the exact dimensions of your piano in an upright position. This will help you to successfully implement the moving process.

It is generally observed that an upright piano has a height of 110 to 135 cm, a width of 150 cm and a depth of 60 cm. But, these dimensions might vary as per the type of piano you possess. Normally the average size of the piano is 125/150/60 cm.

Measure the doorways and remove any decorations to ensure that there is a smooth passage for the piano for the successful moving process

It is extremely critical to use a tape or rope to measure the door frames and ensure that the piano can fit through them. Clear the path consisting of any obstruction like carpets. Also, remove any decorations that you have made on the piano for a smooth passage.

Close and lock the lid of the keyboard for a smooth moving process

Once you have successfully measured the doorways and removed any decorations it is time to prepare your piano for the moving process. The first thing that you need to do is to lock the keyboard lid if possible.

The best part? In case, you do not have a lockable lid you can also use some moving tape to ensure that it is completely shut during the moving process. But, if you are using the tape on the surface, ensure that the adhesive does not harm the surface of the wood.

Keep reading: Wrap the piano with blankets and use moving tape to keep them in a secure place. Ensure that all the corners are covered in such a way that there is no damage done on the surface of the piano.

While lifting the piano into the truck ensure that you are not using the legs as it can have a damaging effect on the inner mechanics of the piano

Once you have securely locked, tied and padded the piano it is time to move it. What’s the bottom line here? Always keep the piano in an upright position to ensure a smooth moving. Ensure that you lift the piano off the ground just a little bit in such a way that it becomes easier to slide the dollies underneath. Once both the dollies are underneath all the sides of the piano, it will become easier for you to smoothly move the piano along a flat surface.

Use a wood plant to ensure a level flooring for the piano while securing it in the truck for making a smooth moving experience

Check this out: It is safer to use a wood plant to ensure a level flooring for the piano which will ensure a level flooring for the piano because most trucks do not possess that level.

Place the piano in the back of the moving truck against the wall for maximum protection during the moving process

Here’s the deal: Always pack your other boxes around the piano to ensure that there is enough support to keep it rolling during the drive. Also, ensure that the moving truck contains a special air ride system to avoid damaging any parts of the piano during transit.

After reaching the new location, ensure that your piano is taken out of the truck in the last to avoid any damage

After arriving at the new location, it is best to unpack all the other containers first and then, in the end, take out the piano. Why is this important? So that there is no damage to it. Keep reading: While taking the piano out of the truck, prepare a ramp and slowly roll it out of the truck by taking the help of certain people. Now: Use the same methods as you used for moving the piano in your old place, slowly move your piano into your new place. Once the move is complete, tune your piano again.


After reading this blog you might think to yourself…..Moving a piano is not an easy task. But, once you Implement the steps mentioned in the write-up it will ease the moving process and ensure that your piano remains intact while moving. In case you need any help while moving, consider hiring a professional piano removalist in Adelaide today!

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