Have you always admired the bright American flags that your neighbors have on their front lawn? Would you like to get your own telescoping flagpole? Well, you have certainly come to the right place. Flagpoles are a quick and easy way to transform the exterior of your home. You will be able to achieve a fresh new look that displays your patriotism. According to eHow, the size of flagpoles is supposed to the proportional to the size of the flag. For instance, small flags measured about 3’ by 5’ requires at least 15 feet long pole while a 50-foot pole would be required for flags measuring 10’ by 15’. There are different types of flagpoles available in the market. Telescoping flagpoles are one of the most convenient and versatile. Here are 7 convincing reasons why you should get one today:

  1. Convenience

Telescoping flagpoles eliminate the need for you to use pulleys and ropes. This is because they comprise of tapering sections which are raised and lowered in a convenient manner. You will be able to save costs on ropes and pulleys. Furthermore, your flag will be able to effortlessly swivel around in the wind and not get tangled up.

  1. Desired height

Telescoping flagpoles come in different heights hence you will be able to choose which dimensions suit you best. For residential use, most people prefer to use either 20’ to 25’ configuration.

  1. Quick and easy installation

Most flagpoles come with a mounting kit that requires the owner to install the flag themselves. Fortunately, telescoping flagpoles consists of tapering sections with different diameters and this makes installation a breeze. It’s like putting together pieces of a puzzle.

  1. Multiple flags

Would you like to fly two flags at the same time? Well, telescoping flagpoles allows you to do this with ease since it is sturdy enough to support multiple flags without bending or breaking. If you are interested in having multiple flags, it is advisable to purchase identical sizes or the top flag should be slightly larger than the bottom flag.

  1. Amazing flag accessories

Conventionally, the American flag is meant to be displayed from sunrise to sunset. However, 24-hour display is allowed as long as the flag is well-illuminated at night. This means that you need to invest in a solar lamp and other similar flag accessories. Get in touch with Atlantic Flag & Pole for the best deals in all types of flag products.

  1. Stability

If you live in a windy area, then stability is definitely a major concern for you. Telescoping flagpoles allow you to enjoy amazing stability that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Always check the wind rating before purchasing a pole for your flag.

  1. Durability

Telescoping flagpoles are made from durable aluminum material that will is resistant to rusting. This means that you will not have to worry about applying a fresh coat of paint in a few months. So, why not show your American pride today by getting a flag today!

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