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7 Common Types of Family Law Cases

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Family is the basic unit of society and one of the most meaningful relationships that people can have. However, even if we take of our family and give all our best, there are times that problems arise and also involve intricate legal obligations especially when it comes to domestic matters.

If there’s trouble in the family, especially involves legal matter, family law steps in and a civil court will allow family members to settle their differences. Family law cases are sensitive and emotional subjects; this is why it requires a legal assistance of respected and knowledgeable family lawyers who understand the legal system pertaining to family law.

Legal cases involving family are a type of civil case, usually involving issues between spouses, children, and parents. The civil court or family court handles wide variety of domestic cases. Below are the common family issues settled at the civil court:

Marriage Dissolution

When one of the couples wants to end the marriage, he or she can file a case at family court asking a court order to terminate the marriage. There are two options for marriage dissolution – divorce and annulment. The court may also grant a separation for the couple; they are still legally married but the property, alimony, and child custody will be decided by the court.

• Divorce

In divorce, a lawyer can aid in everything – from child custody to asset distribution. Once the couple decided to end the validity of marriage, there are few details that need to be worked out and a family lawyer can help, with the help of knowledge about the state’s specific laws on marriage dissolution. Both parties can return to single status and they can remarry in the future.


This can be initiated by either the husband or the wife in the marriage. Whoever initiates the annulment must prove that he or she has the grounds to do so and if it can be proven, the marriage will be considered null and void by the court.


If you’re thinking of adoption, be ready to experience a long and expensive legal process. Adoption covers the addition of family members and letting you or a couple to become the legal parent/s of a child. There are various regulations about adoptions, so a family lawyer is needed to aid in doing paperwork.

Juvenile matters

Family court also covers all things related to allegations of child abuse, minors participating in illegal activities and behavior, or child neglect.

Child custody

Child custody involves the court decision regarding the kid’s physical custody, legal custody, visitation schedules, and financial support. This is perhaps the most difficult case under family law because parents cannot come up with a resolution that will benefit both them and the child without hurting the latter.

Domestic violence

Cases involved under this sensitive subject deals with abuses or threats happened between two people in a close or intimate relationship. The victims of domestic violence can request the family court to furnish protective orders so their abuser would go away. The family court issues restraining orders and orders of protection for the victims. These restraining orders are the first and important step in ending abusive relationships and marriages.


Cases like this helps in finding out who will take responsibility for the personal, medical, financial decisions for a child or an adult who doesn’t have the ability to look after themself.

Termination of parental rights

This serious case involves when a parent is no longer capable of taking care of his/her child and no longer has the parental relationship with the kid. There are probable reasons why this happened and it includes abuse, abandonment, neglect, and more. The family court will decide to end the parent’s rights to the kids or child.

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