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5 Top Barbie Cooking Games for Girls That Tickle Your Funny Bone

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Summary: We have highlighted 5 most popular Barbie cooking games to all those
girls who love Barbie from the bottom of their heart.

Love for Barbie has not been hidden from anyone of us. We all know that girls are
pretty excited to explore games and other activities which include Barbie doll. Not
only girls, but boys also have a huge affection towards the cute and beautifully-
designed dolls. And, since food is a weakness of every person, the popularity of
cooking games featuring Barbie is very huge and dynamic. In short, Barbie cooking
games have today evolved as most favourite online recreational activity.
There are countless kitchen games for girls to play and have fun. However, these
five ones are really pretty awesome.

1. Baby Barbie Cooking Cotton Candy
This is one of the most popular and easy-to-play cooking games that feature Barbie
doll and outstanding graphics. In this cool Barbie game for girls, you as a player
will have to spin the wheel and find out the complete ingredients to create some
extremely delicious treats. You will be provided with different shapes and colors of
the treats, which you can hand them out to your family and friends.

2. Royal Wedding Cake
Royal Wedding Cake is another widely recognized Barbie doll game where you will
have to help our cute and gorgeous princess to prepare scrumptious cakes for a
royal wedding occasion. Let your creativity work and do the best for you in order
to decorate the wedding cakes. Make sure that you complete the delivery of the
cake on time. It will definitely be huge fun when you prepare wedding cakes for a
big wedding party.

3. Barbie Family Cooking Berry Pie
What an experience will be to join and have fun with the Barbie superhero family
in this summer! See how all their family members keep themselves busy in the
kitchen and do their best in order to deliver the mouth-watering dessert. Play this
one of the exclusively-designed online games for girls and get a chance to become
a dessert master with just a few clicks.

4. Minnie Mouse Surprise Cake
It’s a lovely and fabulous cooking game that requires good kitchen skills and
patience. Prepare a delicious surprise cake and give it a shape

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