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5 Quick and Easy Tips to Consider for a Safe and Clean Pond

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One of the most obvious things that people think of when they have a good space in their backyard or garden is making a fish pond. Well, if you happen to have a pond right in your backyard or small garden, you need every tip necessary for you to keep that pond safe and clean.

Whether you are keeping the fish as your pets or you are rearing them to be served as meals someday, this post is a good read or you. It is intended to give you 5 quick and easy tips that you can use when caring for that fish pond. So, here is how to clean your fish pond and restore its aesthetic value…

  • Clear the algae – If there is one thing that makes a pond loose its appealing nature, it is the string algae. The algae look like strands of hair floating on the water and the walls of the pond and if left unattended to, they affect the ponds ecosystem. Using a toilet brush, brush off the floating algae from the pond.
  • Treat the water – Is your pond water green in color? Then this means that the water needs to be treated as soon as possible. Worry not, however, because fixing this is as easy as pie. Just get some hydrogen peroxide and let it run into the pond. Start with little portions depending on the size of the pond until the water becomes clear.
  • Remove any decaying plants – Did you know that plants are a way of keeping algae away from your pond? Well, now you know. So introduce some aquatic plants into the pond. However, some plants will certainly decay and you will be forced to remove them from the pond. For you to do that effortlessly, use a pond rake or pond vacuum. The good news is that you will be getting rid of all the debris that is sitting at the bottom of your pond.
  • Control the amount of food you give to the fish – Do not give your fish too much food because any left overs will end up messing with the ecosystem. Believe it or not, left over fish food increases algae in the pond and at the end of the day, it will threaten the safety of your fish and aquatic plants. So, monitor how your fish feed and when you realize that there are left overs, think about reducing the quantity.
  • Drain your pond water – When it is impossible to get rid of debris settling at the bottom of the pond, you can opt to drain the water and clean up manually. However, before doing this, prepare a holding tank where your fish will sit as you clean up.

Start by pumping water into a larger container and as the water level drops, carefully remove your plants and the fish. Then when all the water is drained, scoop off the debris, and clean the pond surfaces with water. When the pond is clean, put everything back in place.

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