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4 Theme Based Cakes for the Kids’ Birthday

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4 Theme Based Cakes for the Kids’ Birthday

If it is your child’s birthday, be it a girl or a boy, you need to take extreme care to organize the event, so as to make it a big hit among his/her friends and relatives. Flowers, festoons and good eateries are required to be arranged for the purpose. But the one that is awaited by the birthday boy or the girl, as well as the guests attending the event, is the ‘cake’. The cake obviously plays an important role in the event with the birthday boy/girl requiring cutting it before everyone; be cheered at and distribute to others. Hence, the cake should be appealing, delicious and also properly themed to suit the occasion.

Themed birthdays

Gone are the days, when the birthday was celebrated merely by cutting the cake and distributing food and sweets. These days, themes are becoming popularly used for enhancing the moods of the occasion. Besides photo cakes, theme cakes, and customized cakes, the modern bakeries do offer much more exciting items that can be ordered online from the leading portals like Giftjaipur. The truth is it is very much possible to get cakes of any type and based on any theme desired. Cakes can be baked appearing like dolls, animals, cars, handbag, and varieties of interesting designs, patterns, and colors.

Top theme cakes that can be selected

  • Superhero themed cakes: Every boy/girl does have their very own favorite superhero and cartoon characters. Hence, the superhero cake selected for the birthday to suit the individual’s preference will be loved very much. There are superhero themed cakes for all ages! So why not surprise everyone by choosing some creative theme for this birthday and make the boy/girl proud.
  • Animal themed cakes: There are several animals that have become a super hit in cartoons and animated movies. You can come across Alex the lion or Marty the Zebra of Madagascar fame, Tom & Jerry, Oggy and the cockroach, Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck, etc. Such character based cakes are sure to be found popular among children and adults alike.
  • Monument themed cakes: If your child loves any monument like the Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China, Eiffel Tower or any other monument, it can be used on the cake as a theme on the birthday. Such cakes are considered to be among the most creative of all types of themed cakes and really exciting.

Since the theme based cakes will take a good amount of time to be baked, they will make a fabulous addition to the kid’s birthday and surely be loved by him/her and the friend who will be visiting for the event. But care should be taken to ensure that the themed cake is ordered only from a reputed portal that has been in the domain for quite a long time and has vast experience and exposure to preparing such type of themed cakes. They should provide samples and photos of the ones created by their experienced and knowledgeable bakers and should have won raving reviews from their customers.

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