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4 Most Revolutionary Dental Implants Innovations

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Dental Implants have become so famous and they continue to climb up charts of popularity for a lot of reasons still. It has been over 50 years since their arrival and now we are seeing more and more innovations with them that make them the ideal option for smile and functionality reinstatement. Following are some of the most promising and prominent technologies surrounding dental implants in Las Vegas.

OsseoSpeed Profile EV

Las Vegas dentist says that crestal bone is able to resorb more efficiently in a sloped direction after a tooth extraction is done or when patient suffers from tooth loss. This is true even when your dentist places a dental implant immediately into the bone. When utilizing OsseoSpeed Profile EV, it becomes easier for the dental expert to optimize soft tissue esthetics. The bone can be preserved 360 degrees around the implant. OsseoSpeed Profile EV is specifically designed for the purpose of providing 360° bone preservation especially in sloped ridges. The patient will not even need any bone augmentation here. Many people aiming for dental implants procedures will find it to be a big relief that placement of all indexed components can effectively be done with this one-position-only method. The workflow in the mouth becomes more predictable and the tooth is set more accurately.

The BruxZir® or the Hahn™ (Tapered Implant Bundle)

This is a cost effective bundle of esthetic dental implants that comprises zirconia restoration and the Hahn™ Tapered Implant. The package or the bundle also has all the prosthetic components that are essential to restore edentulous space. The BruxZir™ Implant Bundle is a complete solution that maximizes efficiency, function and esthetics of your mouth with all the necessary pieces such as the crown and custom abutment, and everything needed to replace your a tooth.

What About Implant-Supported Dentures?

Do you know what makes implant supported dentures so sought after? Well, first of all these are not like your traditional dentures. When you talk about implant-supported dentures, you are seeing an apparatus that completes your smile without the risk of slipping off your gums. These obviously don’t require any adhesive to stay in place. They are attached to your dental implants and one can remove them for cleaning whenever needed. Ask your Las Vegas Dental Implants about implant-supported dentures because it is the most secure and durable denture option out there right now. Following are the most life changing benefits of implant-supported dentures:

  •        They offer firm grip and increased stability
  •        The level of discomfort is minimal
  •        You are able to speak with more confidence
  •        There are no embarrassing or strange sounds when you eat and / or speak

The Revolutionary Mini Dental Implants

Yes, mini dental implants are again a very underrated innovation and they are very light and minimally invasive. They are also quite affordable and can effectively provide denture stabilization. You don’t have to invest any time and/ or costs in traditional dental implants. They are very much identical to traditional dental implants, but are much smaller in diameter (which is around 2 millimeters wide). These are considered very ideal for stabilizing your lower denture. Typically the full-sized dental implants are much more painful so mini implants are ideal for patients with a low threshold of pain or who can’t withstand the discomfort or rigors of the traditional dental implants and the surgery that follows. Mini dental implants are also ideal for people with less than enough jawbone density or for someone who has difficulty supporting a full-sized implant. These were some of the most revolutionary dental implants innovations.

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