The need and urge to rid the society of its evils and daily problems is evident in the number of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working across the globe. Each NGO proposes a mission and purpose of a unique kind. Sadly, most of these NGOs close down within few years citing lack of funds as a major impediment to long-term sustainability and growth.

Whether big or small, every NGO has to engage in fundraising techniques and strategies for necessary funding of their operations. To save time and energy, some NGOs hire NGO funding agencies who profess expertise and experience in fundraising for social organisations. Nevertheless, a little bit of tact and understanding of the following tips will help NGOs in designing an effective fundraising strategy and implementing it to the core. Some of them are:

Setting long-term goals is important: Raising adequate funds for NGOs is an arduous task. Strategies to collect funds within a short period end with futility, and this further highlights the need to pursue setting long-term targets. Focused efforts involve approaching clients who have shown a keen interest in philanthropic activities, thus, establishing a strong base in the long run. Lobbying with interested donors and non-profit organization (NPO) funding agencies lend a positive impression of the NGO and its activities.

Deciding on the right funding amount: While raising funds for an NGO, it is important to know the right amount that would enable paying for its daily activities in addition to funding its mission. Complacence with small grants does not serve the purpose of fundraising, though aiming too high can put a heavy emotional toll on the fundraising staff approaching different alternatives to raising funds. Fundraising efforts must be continuous to ensure a regular flow of funds, thus, promising sustainability within the first few years of establishing the NGO.

Take advantage of the digital revolution: The world is viewed differently in the digital space. Bereft of the identity of belonging to any particular region or race, people are grouped according to their presence on social networking platforms. This means that if you are willing to spend on online marketing techniques, it can be easy for you to reach your prospective customers who spend more time on the web. Doling out quality and meaningful content embedded with necessary keywords ensures the success of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to reach a wide audience base. In addition, the use of cloud-based technologies and social media platforms ensures greater awareness of fundraising events apart from the traditional methods that most NGO funding agencies resort to.

Don’t ignore your old donors: In a bid to collect more funds, NPO funding agencies are always scrambling to meet new donors. More interested donors mean more funds; however, an effective fundraising strategy must include effective techniques for donor retention while looking for additional donors to raise donations. Previous donors feel interested to know more about the cause they had contributed towards. This entails the need to keep them updated about the project in addition to other activities taken up by the NGOs themselves. In order to accomplish this, NGOs must employ a functional team that would take care of updating the websites, uploading project details on social media, emailing newsletters to existing donors and submitting human interest articles. Knowing that their endowments have made a delible impact will encourage them to keep donating at regular intervals towards various causes, while also bringing in more potential sponsors.

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