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10 Inappropriate Things You Should Never Do When Travelling

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Almost everybody loves to travel – whether seasonal or explorer. Travelling should let everyone immersed in the culture of the place. Let travel helps people to experience new things. It’s not all about visiting touristy places, dining in post restaurants, and buying things. It’s about experiencing things that we never have back home.

Travelling is fun but it doesn’t mean that you should ditch rules and regulations of the place. As travelers, there are set of things you should avoid to enjoy more the trip and avoid getting into trouble. Here are the few things you should not do when travelling:

  • Feeding the wildlife

Yeah, feeding the wildlife sounds a good travel experience. However, this is prohibited. You shouldn’t feed any animals you encounter while traveling. Why? It encourages the animals to get used to the food of humans and depend on it. Besides, human food is not really appropriate for the animals.

  • Taking photos without people’s permission

Imagine when someone took a photo of you – unaware and unprepared – how would you feel? You’ll feel annoyed right. That’s what would other people will feel if you do the same to them. Even if you think a vendor in the market is a good subject, it doesn’t give you the right to flash your camera to her and take a photo. How to ask permission? Put down the camera and talk to them genuinely. Politely ask if you can take their photo. If they said no, respect it.

  • Not having cash stash

Sure, credit and debit card are the newest payment system now for booking your plane ticket, hotel room, and more. But cash is still the king anywhere. Also, remind yourself that there are shops that don’t accept cards for payment. Always make sure that you have enough cash on your pocket. Ensure that you put them in a safe place as well.

  • Not getting travel insurance

Probably, nothing will happen when you travel and you’ll be fine on the duration of your trip. What if something goes wrong? What if your luggage got lost in the airport? What if you were hospitalized during your travel? You’ll never know when the accident happens. You have assistance or medical aid if you choose not to get insurance for your travel.

  • Dining in at restaurants near major tourist attraction

Do you want to taste the genuine, local cuisine? Then don’t dine at restaurants near any major tourist spots. These restaurants are sometimes offering overpriced food but not the real deal on local cuisines. Experience the food of the locals and maybe learn why it became a popular dish in their place.

  • Disrespecting the place’s culture

Culture and rituals are part of the identity of each country. All locals and tourists should respect it. Never ever do any activities deemed to be appropriate with that place- disrespecting the culture. In Buddhist temple, you must remove your shoes before entering the temple. In European church, one’s shoulders should be covered before going in. a lot of people are taking their religion seriously, so you should better give the appropriate respect.

  • Changing currency at the airport

Usually, money changers at the airport offer one of the worst exchange rates – not getting enough substantial amount of money. Try exchanging your bucks in town where you can find a lot of money changers and the competition it too high for exchange rate, getting you the best amount for your money.

  • Booking your trip too early

A lot of people believe that booking your flight earlier will get you cheaper tickets. However, it’s not the case all the time. Did you know that airlines give reduce their plane ticket prices between 3 to 4 months before the exact flight you’re looking for? Better to wait on that timeframe to score a good deal on your plane ticket. If you do this, you will save more for your pocket money.

  • Littering your trash everywhere

This should not be on the list but it’s worth mentioning again. Don’t litter! Don’t throw your trash anywhere you want. Even if the locals or tourists are doing it doesn’t mean you should too. Tossing the trash means disrespecting and making harm to the environment. One great example to help lessening the trash is bringing your own refillable water bottle and a tote bag if you go shopping. If you have trash, find the trash bin to put them. If there’s no garbage bin nearby, just shove it on your bag until you find one.

  • Dressing inappropriately

Keep in mind that every country set their own appropriate dress code especially for occasions. In European countries, it’s normal to see both local and tourists to wear a coat and tie, but it’s too much when you go to Asian countries. Another example is wearing shorts and jeans are okay but there are countries that prohibit that especially in the Middle East.

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