You’ll need to consider far more than just the value to become in a position to produce a decision. Here are some questions and tips that may well assistance:

New vs Made use of

Are you hunting for a new car, or will a utilized 1 work also? Will you ordinarily have passengers or even a large amount of items to carry about? Get a lot more details about Suzuki Wagon R Price In Pakistan

Rs.1.5 million (15 lakh) must get you a decent, used saloon car or possibly a brand new smaller sized a single with considerably much less space.

Driving Location

Exactly where do you intend to accomplish most of the driving? Inside urban regions, or rural? What are the road and targeted traffic conditions there?

Urban places with superior roads can handle much less high-priced, extra sophisticated choices. Nonetheless, intercity travel or regions with bad roads will need a sturdier suspension.

The ground clearance varies a good deal also. The underside of a Toyota Prius can rub against the smallest speed bump, although a Toyota Corolla can deal with some quite rough roads.


Are you able to get spare parts, mechanics, and assistance quickly?

In smaller towns and cities, you may also have difficulties finding mechanics/spare parts for anything apart from the usual Suzukis and Toyotas. This really is also an issue in cities for rarer models.


What exactly is the car theft/snatching situation in your region? Which vehicles are often targeted?

Unless you reside inside a gated community and only need to drive to safer, affluent locations, car theft or snatching will be a concern. Essentially the most well known models, once more typically Suzukis, and Corollas, are also the favorites of car thieves.


How is road safety along your commute? Are there heavy trucks, or higher speed traffic? Do you tend to drive rapidly oneself?

If road accidents are frequent, or extremely severe inside your region, a safer car may be the difference between life and death. Smaller sized, flimsier models do not have wonderful survival prices. Particular models are better than other folks with regards to braking, or maneuvering. Other people come with air bags, stronger chassis, etc.


How lengthy do you intend to maintain the car? Are there possibilities you may require to sell it speedily?

Personally, I am in favor of “out-of-market” vehicles for the longer term. In Pakistan, they’re ordinarily readily available for throwaway prices, provide greater characteristics, are a lot more comfy, along with a lot safer. They’re also of little interest to thieves.

Around the downside, you might possess a great deal of problems selling it. I had to sell my final car swiftly following an urgent require arose, yet it took two months, and sold considerably reduced than the industry value. The typical Suzukis and Toyotas, on the other hand, are just about as very good as cash.

Very best of luck.

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