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Top 4 Reasons Why BPO Firms Cannot Ignore Thethe Influence OfofWFMSoftware

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Nowadays, BPO firms invest a large sum of money in the hiring process in order to appoint a numerous diligent agents. This is so because it is near to impossible to provide prodigious customer service on multiple channels without having the sufficient workforce.

However, managing a large workforce isn’t an easy task to accomplish until and unless you are using automation tools. The most important software that BPO outsourcing companies in Australia, UK, India, etc. use is a workforce management tool. WFM software automates staffing-related processes that include:

  • Performance monitoring,
  • Attendance tracking,
  • Training & development, and so on.

In a nutshell, WFM software offers several benefits that can boost the productivity of any BPO firm.

Do you want to know why BPO firms cannot ignore the influence of WFM? Have a look at the following points that will wipe out all your queries for sure:

Decreases administrative time

Workforce management (WFM) software automates payroll and timekeeping functions. This factor can’t be overlooked from the business’s perspective because managing payroll, time and attendance, etc. accurately is very crucial to secure the bottom line.

With the help of WFM software, BPO outsourcing companies in Australia, UK, etc. can easily monitor the working hours of the agents. It also manages the leaves taken by the agents perfectly. Consequently, this ensures an accurate calculation of the individual’s salary.

Furthermore, the aspect that boosts the significance of WFM software is it also keeps the track of those agents who work from home. Don’t be surprised as there are many reputed BPO firms in Australia that allows their top-performing agents to work from home once or twice in a week.

Supervisors or managers can easily monitor the performance of agents no matter whether the latter is working remotely or not. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that workforce management software plays a crucial role in increasing the business’s productivity.

Prevents legal issues

Being an owner of a company, you are most probably aware of this fact that the HR department always maintainsbusiness’s records in order to ensure that nothing can lead to the violation of government policies. However, maintaining records manually is anarduous and time-consuming task.

In addition to this, a small mistake can invite legal issues that can easily ruin the business’s reputation and lead to a colossal financial loss. Here, workforce management software comes to the rescue as it helps in managing the records perfectly.

So, if you are an owner of a BPO firm and don’t want to face any legal issues, never underestimate the influence of WFM software.

Helps in boosting the revenue levels

In this hyper-competitive era, CSAT score and business’s profit levels go hand in hand. That’s the main reason why BPO outsourcing companies in Australia put so much effort in order to render astounding customer service.

To build the brand image, it is paramount to ensure that agents must assist the customers in the best possible manner. Owing to this, managers or supervisors prefer workforce management software as it helps to find out those agents who aren’t doing their work properly.

With the help of WFM tools, higher authorities can easily evaluate agent’s performance on adaily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Here are two major factors why it is imperative to keep an eye on agent’s performance:

  • After getting a positive experience, around 71% of customers encourage others to buy products or services. This simply means high revenue levels.
  • Whenever customers get a negative experience, the rate of online negative reviews gets increased up to 21%. Consequently, this affects the brand image.

All in all, it is vitally important to use workforce management software because it can help to improve the business’s bottom line.

Predicts staffing requirements

Whenever the business starts growing, the possibility of getting more customer service calls also gets increased. However, dealing with numerous disgruntled customers on the regular basis can give a vexing experience. That’s why most of the business owners make contact with reputed BPO companies.

To deal with call volume, it is paramount to ensure that you have a required number of agents. Here the prominence of WFM software gets increases because it can easily predict the number of agents which is required to smoothly cater to customer’s needs.

This factor cannot be taken for granted because understaffing could lead to high call abandonment rates, which, in turn, may result in a high customer attrition rate. On the flip side, overstaffing could affect the business’s bottom line.

To prevent workforce-related issues, it is highly suggested to BPO outsourcing companies in Australia to make use of WFM software.

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