Should you take your 4×4 off-roading, odds are you have gained an appreciation of how unforgiving trails might be when it comes to your vehicle’s underside. Deep ruts with rough edges can appear out of nowhere, sturdy-looking rocks can shift unexpectedly, and tranquil bodies of water can hide every little thing from sinkholes to fallen tree trunks. Ahead of you realize it, the underside of the truck has bounced off some thing challenging adequate to harm moving suspension elements or puncture housings containing engine oil, gasoline, transmission fluid, or differential gear oil. Get far more details about mercedes skid plate

Or, maybe you face equivalent perils on jobsites or rural routes exactly where terrain is fairly sketchy. Off-roading specialists say protecting vital mechanical components with purpose-built skid plates is really a will have to to make sure your enjoyment off the pavement does not end prematurely with heartache and metal harm.

Your rig might have come in the factory with skid plates, but a few of these are far more for excellent looks than for really serious damage protection. To provide the complete protection you desire, you would like skid plates created from strong 3/16″ steel, as are the ones we sell.

Within this article, we’ll look at vehicle-specific skid plates that offer a shield of reinforced-steel protection for the engine location, transfer cases, transmission area, differentials, steering boxes, handle arms, exhaust system, as well as fuel tanks. Among the ideal items about these protective pans is even though they’ll keep their high-strength integrity to get a extended time, it only requires an incredibly brief time for you to install any of them. In reality, they are able to bolted on relatively uncomplicated – with or with out minor drilling depending on application.

With handful of exceptions, all of the skid plates we provide are made of reinforced steel covered with powder coating that’s durable adequate to resist scraping off the way paint and lesser finishes would on make contact with.

If you’ve got a late-model diesel truck having a urea injection program to decrease pollutants, you’ll discover specially developed protective shields for the urea tank area in the Solution Options field of Skyjacker Skid Plates and Fabtech Off-Road Skid Plates. Skyjacker also presents skid plates for the front engine location together with transfer circumstances for pick automobiles, and the Fabtech page attributes steering box plates as well as transfer case protection.

For those that choose the corrosion resistance of stainless steel, Pro Comp delivers a selection of Skid Plates in bare metal stainless steel. Should they come to be severely scraped or dented, their integrity will not be compromised – simply because rust just can not get a foothold anyplace.

For those who drive over rocks on a regular basis, it’s second nature to strategy bigger ones with caution. But smaller rocks shouldn’t be ignored either. They might not pose a large threat for your oil pan or differentials, however they can inflict harm on reduce manage arms a lot more simply than you might think.

Experienced off-roaders acknowledge skid plate protection for reduce manage arms needs to be fitted should you go anywhere where rubber meets rocks – citing “rookie mistakes” of unprotected suspension arms becoming broken and leaving drivers stranded or limping house. For this, we’ve got the Icon Reduce Control Arms Skid Plate Kit, the Rancho Rock Gear Control Arm Skid Plates, along with the TeraFlex Front and Rear Reduce Manage Arm Skid Plate Kit – just to name some.

Note that TeraFlex gives a varied line of skid plates for Jeep Wranglers dating back to 1987. Amongst other goods, you are going to discover a “Belly Up” Skid Plate Kit which increases ground clearance by 2 3/8″ mainly because it replaces the factory skid plate using a reduced profile certainly one of heavier-grade strength. Also readily available are skid plates for Wrangler gas tanks, oil pans, trans pans, and steering boxes.


Whilst distinct installation directions may differ from part to part and manufacturer to manufacturer, attaching a skid plate is actually a somewhat straightforward approach. Some skid plates for oil pans or transmission fluid pans in areas that are simply accessible from beneath may possibly re-use current pan bolts for attachment. When you drop the pan and install a brand new gasket (readily available inside the appropriate Replacement Engine or Replacement Transmission categories) you’ll just fit the new skid plate over the pan and bolt both products back in spot with each other.

In other situations, you may want a drill and drill bits designed for metal as a way to bore holes inside the vehicle’s frame. Bear in mind that due to the fact skid plates are safeguarding low-lying products, the places where any drilling would be performed will probably be relatively quickly to reach. Following marking off and drilling new holes, you’ll bolt on either the skid plate itself, or bracket pieces that the skid plate will attach to. No matter how issues are attached, there’s no want for any installation anxiety for the reason that directions you will get is going to be clear with easy-to-follow diagrams.

We know that offering further protection to the underside of your 4×4 will cause excellent reassurance, regardless of whether that you are traversing nature’s jungle or the concrete jungle. Skid plates will enable you to relax and delight in what you happen to be mostly trying to do, unafraid to drive more than that subsequent hurdle, protected from critical damage!

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