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SinoRay Metal Products Co., Ltd Manufactures All kinds of Metal Stamping and Sheet Metal fabrication Using High-grade Low Carbon Steel

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Huzhou City, Zhejiang, China; 20, December 2017: Lockers and cabinets occupy a pride of place both in the commercial and domestic sectors. One comes across lockers in numerous public and private areas including but not limited to offices, homes, storerooms, dressing rooms, schools, colleges, universities, and public bathhouses. The size, shape, and structure of a locker underscore its application or applications. Different types of lockers are in use nowadays like gun lockers, bicycle lockers, laundry lockers, high-security lockers, perforated lockers, school lockers, and service lockers to name a few. SinoRay Metal Products Co., Ltd has been engaged in manufacturing a comprehensive range of lockers, storage cabinets, and material handling pushcarts, and steel stamping components for nearly two decades. The enterprise has acquired a high degree of specialization as an OEM, wholesaler, retailer and trader of aforementioned products.

SinoRay Metal Products Co., Ltd right from day one has strived to offer the supreme quality of products at highly competitive and moderate prices. The organization is committed to offering superior products that offer functional value which is over and above their monetary worth. SinoRay is able to continually offer durable and versatile products, including steel stamping parts by persistently carrying out R& D work on new design ideas and taking advantage of the latest fabrication processes. This Chinese establishment is a specialist when it comes to fabricating lockers that find widespread use in offices, homes, schools, stadiums, libraries, locker rooms, and so on. The firm receives numerous bulk orders for stadium lockers throughout the year. This locker is constructed out of 16 gauge steel, and is available in both unassembled and assembled form.

The stadium locker is available in a variety of custom colors and SinoRay uses powdered coat enamel or varnish that is completely free of lead. The closet comes with inbuilt key or combination locks, and the customer can have company’s emblem embossed or engraved on the product. Some of the related products manufactured by SinoRay are luxury lockers, wall mounted desks, ADA lockers, heavy duty lockers, and weapons cabinets. The Zhejiang-based business is also a prime manufacturer of metal cabinets that are used across-the-board in many industrial and domestic areas. SinoRay is a prime fabricator and supplier of cabinets that are basically used for storing firearms and weapons.

The metal cabinets that store securing guns, rifles, pistols, and other types of weapons used in modern warfare have chasses made out of 14 gauge steel. The components are fused together by welding. Customers can choose from cabinets having plain or perforated doors. One can also select from hasp-styled or turning handles constructed from stainless steel and numerous color options are there as well. Some products and components that can be categorized under ‘cabinets’ are also produced by SinoRay Metal Products Co., Ltd like cabinet shop desks, combination cabinets, heavy duty lockers, drum dolly, steel platform trucks, and locker accessories.

About SinoRay Metal Products Co., Ltd:

SinoRay Metal Products Co., Ltd is an established and reputed manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of a vast range of lockers, cabinets, shop desks, material handling carts, and steel stamping parts. For more details please visit their website.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Tina Wong
Company: SinoRay Metal Products Co., Ltd.
Phone: +86-15267551117
Email: tinawong@vip.163.com
Website: http://www.lockermaker.com/

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