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Shamanic Healer Discovers One of the Best Facial Clays in the World

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Shamanic Healer Discovers One of the Best Facial Clays in the World

Beverley, Apr 9, 2018- Sitting in his Spanish cave looking out to the stars. His feet in a mixture of cave clay & rain water, he realised how incredibly good and soft his feet felt. He covered his face, arms and hair with the clay and after sometime washed it off. Eureka! His skin felt tighter, silkier, smoother and so much more refreshed and his hair felt softer. (Read the Full Story Here)

The Results Were Stunning and Clouds Clays Was Born

Cloud was born in Plymouth, England in 1967 and got his calling from god at 20 years old and realised that his hands were magical. For the past 30 years he has been traveling, learning, fine tuning, healing and helping people from every walk of life ever since.

Each and every bag of clouds natural claythat you buy and use has been crushed into fine powder and been 100% handmade and packaged by clouds magical healing hands and filled with all his love. So you are not just obtaining the clays magical properties your receiving his clay that he has personally blessed.

Each natural clay bag makes 15 Clay Face Masks, So don’t delay and buy 150 grams of our miracle facial clays at a fraction of the price you would pay a spa.

Get clearer, silkier and smoother skin with Clouds 100% pure natural organic clay face masks that have already been voted the BESTanti-ageing facial clay on the market at a price you can afford !

Pamper your face, hair or body with our ultimate fine spa-grade multi-purpose facial clay masks that’s packed full of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and goodness and feel it penetrate deep and draw out dirt and impurities, tighten, tone, detoxify and help get rid of those annoying fine lines, wrinkles and facial scars. Clear up acne, blackheads, pimples, pox and all nasty unwanted breakouts. Perfect on all skin types to give you a more youthful healthier and beautiful look you deserve.

Using natural green clay masks that are full of goodness and proven to be rich in vitamin C, calcium, combined with antioxidants combat and eliminate free radicals. No wonder clouds natural clay masks are known to be the world’s most powerful face masks.

Used regularly, you will see stunning results, so expect to see softer, smoother and more toned skin complexion that is free from blemishes, dryness, blocked pours and whiteheads without stripping essential oils from the skin.

With your continued help by supporting and purchasing clouds natural clay masks will not only help you and your skin, but will also help Cloud fulfil his lifelong dream to open a healing centre in Spain and to spread peace, love and harmony to the world.

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Clouds Clays
+44 (‪0)1743 562066‬
15 Wylies Road, Beverley, east yorkshire, HU17 7AP


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