28, November 2017: Salty Westie is the dog fashion boutique that offers stylish clothes and dresses for dogs at affordable prices. Currently, they are offering up to 50% discounts on a wide range of dog clothing that includes shirts, jackets, hoodies, raincoats etc for dogs.

Thomas, the founder of this online store, is a dog lover and he believes that dogs should be stylish and adorable like the family members and has included a variety of dog dresses in his online store. According to him, “people will love to purchase fancy and stylish dresses for dogs who are the faithful and innocent family members.” With superior quality clothes for pups at discount prices, Thomas aims at promoting the fashionable clothing for dogs and pets. Besides their stylish looks, dog fancy dress will provide all comfort and coziness that a dog deserves.

The online store keeps bringing new cloth designs for dogs, and their new arrival features a variety of dog jackets, meant to provide the warmth during the winter. The dog jacket collection includes royal crown dog jacket, rough cut stone dog jacket and other products. Dog owners can also choose from different types of dog hoodies to protect these speechless animals from cold in the winter season. According to Thomas, dogs too need season appropriate clothing and this is the reason why he has a beautiful dog raincoat range on his online store. One can choose from different types of raincoats for dogs to get a cover in case of a sudden drizzle.

Salty Westie prefers offering different types of clothes for dogs to help them look stunning. The online store brings different types of dog shirts, made from soft and breathable materials. These shirts are available in a variety of colors, designs and sizes. Thomas maintains that the online store has dog jumpers, jackets, hoodies and shirts in different sizes, for a dog owner to pick the best fitting clothes for their dog.

One can check the different types of clothes for dogs and also the discounts available by visiting the website https://www.saltywestie.co.uk.

About Salty Westie:

Salty Westie online store was launched in 2015 by Thomas, who is an avid lover of dogs and photography. The online store offers dog clothing that combines comfort and style for all types of dogs and puppies, irrespective of their breed and size. For over one decade, the online store has continuously been providing an excellent selection of stylish clothing for dogs.

For Media Contact:
Company: Salty Westie
Website: https://www.saltywestie.co.uk/

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